In the Army Now [Full Movie] (1994, PG, Comedy/War)

Two misguided youths join the reserves to make some money for their entrepreneurial dreams. No sooner than they finish basic training are they called up to do their part to save the free world.


Pauly Shore – Private First Class Bones Conway
Andy Dick – Private Jack Kaufman
Lori Petty – Private Christine Jones
David Alan Grier – Private Fred Ostroff
Esai Morales – Staff Sergeant Stern
Lynn Whitfield – Drill Sergeant Ladd
Art LaFleur – First Sergeant Brandon T. Williams
Fabiana Udenio – Gabriella
Glenn Morshower – Recruiting Sergeant Richard Day
Beau Billingslea – Sergeant Daniels
Peter Spellos – Mr. Quinn
Brendan Fraser (uncredited) – Link
Saul Owens (uncredited)

Be All That You Can Be
Written by Jake Holmes

“The Dam At Otter Creek”
Written by Edward Kowalczyk, Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer,
Chad Gracey
Performed by Live
Courtesy of Radioactive Records

Written by P. Brouwer, D. Gibbs, S. Hurley, P. Hurley
Performed by Gigolo Aunts
Courtesy of the RCA Records Label of BMG Music

“Get Down Tonight”
Written by Harry Wayne Casey (as Harry W. Casey), Richard Finch
Performed by KC & The Sunshine Band
Courtesy of Rhino Records
by Arrangement with Warner Special Products

“Get A Haircut”
Written by David Avery, Bill Birch
Performed by George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Courtesy of Emi Records Usa, A Division of Erg
Under License from CEMA Special Markets

Written by David Usher, Mark Makoway, Kevin Young, Jeff Pearce
Performed by Moist
Courtesy of EMI Records USA, a division of ERG
Under License from Cema Special Markets

“Rescue Me”
Written by Carl Smith and Raynard Miner

“Stars & Stripes Forever”
Written by John Philip Sousa (as John P. Sousa)
Courtesy of Associated Production Music

“Until The Next Time”
Written by John Easdale
Performed by Dramarama
Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment
by arrangement with Warner Special Products

“World of Swirl”
Written by Billy Gibbons
Performed by ZZ Top
Courtesy of the RCA Records Label of BMG Music


  1. "One…is that good?"😆😆😆

  2. My stuff right here never gets old🤣🤣🤣

  3. Legit classic/great comedy👌👍 I grew up watching this and Encino Man as a teen when they were new movies then.Movie theatre and VHS then lol.

  4. 🛡️🍔👕🕊️💯🚈

  5. My head does look bad without hair.. really bad..lmao good movie

  6. Was definitely one of the funniest movies I watched back then. Pauly Shore is very under rated. Love all his movies! The 80's rocked…

  7. Idk somthin about his watch being broken!!😄

  8. Lots of people don't know @ 37:46 that was Encino man linkovich and he joined the army.

  9. 11:40 me when I cut my long hair for the first time lol

  10. This will always be my favorite of the Pauly Shore movies. I think this may have been the only one I saw on the big screen, too, haha!

  11. Average fastest at the 200 in track the entire world Bobby Joe kaup taught me how to run so she might have been able to beat me but I still to this day don't know how old she is cuz she still the same sex size

  12. Who knows the name of that game from 1st sceen?

  13. This and Jury Duty ate my faces of his! Loved watching this again

  14. The first girlfriend 😍😍

  15. No wonder his career went to shit ;O

  16. Eh the BCG’s birth control glasses. They bring back memories.

  17. terrible movie so far…

  18. 36:45
    Damn, would’ve slid right in.. like weazing the ju ice!

  19. He keep telling the sergeant to shut up😂😂🤣

  20. 2 weeks a year and 1 weekend a month got me🤣🤣

  21. 😂😂😂 Bloody love it, a film worth watching over and over, had the best enjoyment ever, its a film worth a trophy, thanks for sharing this with us, truly awesome, julie Ann from Longford lreland 27th March 2021,

  22. Shoop shoop shoop , shoop
    BOING ))))))

  23. Paula shore I like your new movie that you were in 2020 about u living behind a house in a guest house,please keep making movies,your a good actor

  24. Pauly shore I miss you please bring back more movies goddamnit

  25. "You're telling me this watch has a compass? Oh, Jack. You're gonna get some noogies later; I am just gonna pound. You. Like. This."

  26. Just think of it as a really hot day on a really big beach during a really dry year

  27. Looks like Id be going to chad as well, there is no way I am kissing any guy lol

  28. If u watching this in 2021 YOUR A CRAZZZZZZZZY BOY!!!!!

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