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**This is Part 1 of 2 of a double feature-length epic – PART 2 here –**

The destructive effects of global warming cause unimaginable devastation and panic worldwide in this post-apocalyptic disaster film starring A-list cast- Richard Roxburgh (Hacksaw Ridge) and Sam Neil (Jurassic Park). Including epic production values, Ice confronts a terrifying and plausible natural disaster of epic proportions, which sets the world at the mercy of the elements that consume it. Also stars Patrick Bergin and Claire Forlani

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  1. Wow it's scary because this really is slowly happening already!
    Thanks for sharing this film!

  2. Well made movie but global warming is bullsh*t.

  3. sounds dubbed! er not a great film, largely echo chamber eco stuff… er why cant the get a one week weather forecast right when they confidentantly predict the climate in 50 years?

  4. Can we see flood part 2 pls. I can't find it here or better still remove the part 1 outrightly, thanks.

  5. thank you for uploading this movies

  6. 2.2milion view 12k likes why aren't people being grateful cuz I've seen alot of channels who click bait but this guy's just giving us good content 👏

  7. God loves us His Miracles is REAL just trust Him and always pray. Godbless you all💙💙

  8. This movie is world class acting, directing and story
    Thanks for sharing
    But to be honest i don't like these kind of stories: ice, science , nature

    I like more action movies like fighting, war , horror ,

  9. Movie and a half! Definitely watching part 2!👏👏

  10. Movie is good just wish they would get straight to the point with all the nonsense and long drag

  11. Amazing so far fetched its supposed be so cold 🥶 as buildings freeze and water freezes yet the people dont need to wear head gear or gloves to stop being frozen.amazing its obviously not cold on them.the snow is polystyrene balls lol so badly done its laughter all the way.

  12. Subtitle Indonesia tidak ada 😭😭

  13. هنقول ل رءينا بعد اما نشاهد
    ولعله خير ان شاء الله ومنضيعش وقتنا أو وقتك

  14. Kavanagh should have not died in the very beginning of the disaster he caused

  15. After 10 minutes I was going to turn it off, and decided to give it a few more minutes. And it's worth watching if you got some time. No a great movie, but good enought to keep my attention.

  16. Soon as i heard GW turned off 😂

  17. Boring….I was so bored I asked my plastic Jesus to save me from your horrible movie.

  18. Good God! A cheesy British b movie. What's next? Plastic Jesus's?

  19. sorry hosers, 2020 came and went and nothing happened!

  20. Excellent movie! Created from deep thoughts! Blessings 😇🙏🏿👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  21. i looked in the dictionary the words, SAM NEILL and it just said, YUMMY…..

  22. A little too unrealistic. Like Great Britain could evacuate 70mil people at a drop of a hat as if there's enough channel tunnels, ferries, boats and planes for even 5% of that number and then there's the whole evacuate to where thing. Essential resources will be in critical short supply in other countries and they wouldn't risk sacrificing their own populations for 70 million illegal immigrants.

  23. Ainda vou aprender inglês kkk

  24. Im watching after reading everyone comment hope is good

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