How Much Does a New Real Estate Agent REALLY Make

In this video I share with you the reality of how much a new real estate agent can make their first year, second year and third year.





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  1. Many venture into Real Estate because they want "freedom" and long vacations. Then reality hits and you have very little time to yourself and vacations are shortened to go close on a deal. I think people need to realize that Real Estate is not all glamour. You need to be a slave to the business, eating sleeping and shitting real estate to make the big bucks. Thats why the average salary for agents is no where near six figures. Honestly, some will make more money working a regular career in the long run. Let that sink in. Real life is not tik Tok speed.

  2. Thank you for sharing! 💓👋

  3. Thank you for saying that and mentioning the shows that make it look easy

  4. I would love to see a video of advice for new agents for the current market, Im looking into getting my license, I got my license when I was 20 and only did 1 deal but i represented buyer and seller so it wasnt bad at all but I wanted something more steady and let my license lapse 🙁 completely regret it because i want to get back in it now

  5. Becoming financially stable requires patience,dedication and good investment

  6. You get what you put in, on my channel a friend of mine disused everything about being a agent! Anyone can be successful you just have to be willing to put in the work!

  7. You are in control of how much you can earn. that's why I love Real Estate because it gives you freedom and you're your own boss.

  8. So far 3 months with my license in TX, no transactions yet..

  9. I’m I crazy to think that if you put in the work, make 6,000 calls a month if you have to, follow up consistently, you’ll make a good living?

  10. I’m in marketing for home health and hospice do amazing in building relationships and often reaching my goals. Everyone tells me to get into real estate but I’m soooo nervous to even take the exam. What do you recommend? I asking as I’m entering a new life and need a different route in my career. This is my only interest not just because people tell me but I love house hunting.

  11. Becoming an agent takes a good chunk of money upfront and lots of hard work that doesn't make you much commission in the beginning. But that's the same for any business. Unless you have a partner or parents who will support you in the beginning, you'll need to have a part-time job to pay your bills. Also, when an agent boasts they've been selling millions of dollars in real estate, consider their market. What is the median price point, their fees, and the average cost of living? It will help provide some perspective. You can make a large amount of money in real estate, but you get what you put in.

  12. good piece of information.

  13. Real Estate is one of those careers where you can get rich quick.

  14. Real Estate is one of those careers where you can make A LOT or NOTHING

  15. Real Estate is one of those careers where you can make A LOT

  16. Real Estate is one of those careers where you can make A LOT or NOTHING

  17. real estate is the real deal for people with enough money

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  19. 26 months in and prospecting daily! No listings no buyer contracts yet! A lot of deals fallen out! It’s tough! But I’m NOT giving up! Los Angeles market is tough! Also, commissions here are 2%! Then splits, fees, taxes! It’s NOT what people think!

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  21. This may seem like a crazy question, but the money out of the commission that is paid to the broker, can I write those off on my taxes?

  22. Real Estate is one of those careers where you can make A LOT or NOTHING

  23. Beuatiful video thank you having Blessed day

  24. Great video!!! Thank you 🙂

  25. I got my real estate license the day I turned 18 because of y’all and I did 5 million in sales this year!!! Thank y’all so much! I made $91,000 but I did make Goss income 120k

  26. No house in florida is at 150k or lower. But then again im not a realtor yet. Facts

  27. What is prospecting? Leads?

  28. Thank you so much for all the info you provide through your channel. I just started working as an assistant to an Agent/Appraiser. I'm going to take the course and get licenced in the spring. I've really been enjoying your videos! 😃

  29. Loida, all that is 💯 true.

  30. You and Bryan are the best and the realest, thanks Loida!

  31. hey loida
    im having a hard time finding a broker im in culver city
    im looking to get training, support in my first deals

    would you recommend me one please !

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