How Can Sci Fi Influence the Future? Part 1

Science fiction has influenced society significantly. It has probably also inspired many consumers to pursue careers in science and technology, which might explain why so many societal advancements – like AI, mobile phones, Bluetooth and the Internet to name a small few – are a reality today.

Creators of science fiction look closely at the world around them and imagine a path forward. Some are hopeful. Others are dystopian. Many feel completely far-fetched.

Of course, to people born 200 years ago, most modern technology would feel like magic, which means we probably shouldn’t write off anything these days.

Science fiction is no doubt brimming with possibilities, but can it truly influence the future?

Probably more than any other genre, science fiction is developed with a purpose in mind: to either propel humanity forward, or caution us against a high-tech world of horrors.

So, which pieces should we pay close attention to? In this latest episode of Futurists World, Shivani Gopal, Dr Robert Puff and Dr Rob Grenfell reveal the screen sensations that stayed with them well after the credits rolled.

From the Terminator series to a Meryl Streep fantasy, watch on and discover the pop culture favourites that these thought-leaders think envision a futurists world.

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  1. Seeing is believing, great points from Shivani about the power of seeing yourself represented on screen. I would love to know where others see themselves represented in the movies they watch?

  2. "Beware of AI and what it's actually capable of and what it's capable of doing. Is this a virus or a pathogen we're creating that will infect the world and marginalise us as humans?' That's so dark and dystopian from Dr Rob Grenfell!

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