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“Timothy wants to play.”

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More About TIMOTHY: Simon is a little boy that has to deal with his babysitter, Sonia, a total nuisance. But that same night Simon will receive and unexpected visitor, Timothy, the main character of Simon’s favourite show, a visit he will never forget.

Simón – Roger Moreno
Sonia – Ann. M. Perelló
Timothy – Hodei del Barrio
Written and directed – Marc Martínez Jordán
Producer – Arnau Pons
Cinematography – Yuse Riera
Art Director – Hodei Del Barrio
Editor – Anaïs Urraca
Sound – Anna Harrington
Costume Design – Isis Velasco
Make up – Laura Garrote
Make up FX – Laura Lorenzo
Music – Gerard Pastor & Ivan Garrido

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  1. A scary movie, the boy like Timothy but his mom don't like this!!!

  2. When u realized you took a carrot from Timothy:

  3. i feel like this is based on a true story but it wasn't timothy it was the sycophantic kid that killed her and becomes a killer

  4. I always thought the easter bunny was real but he's not it's your family hiding eggs. Even with Santa Claus.. I was about 9 when I found out the truth. Sadness fills up..

  5. 🐸حبيبي والله 🥲
    لايج ياعرب

  6. WHO HAS CARROTS WITH the stem still attached

  7. The thumbnail reminded me of Puppet Combo

  8. Evil Fortnite characters… oml

  9. Welcome back to ANOTHER MURDERER IN A BUNNY COSTUME now introducing TIMOTHY!
    Along with
    Spring trap!
    Glitch trap!
    Spring bonnie!
    Zipper T.!
    And most importantly our secret character for the day
    He isn’t in a costume
    He is a bunny
    Sharp teeth
    Very tiny
    Looks like spring trap but with both ears
    Likes his chair
    He is…

  10. She look like debby ryan

  11. Imagine you are getting food for your neighbor and than this happened

  12. *big chungus flash back*

    Edit:his voice cute af

  13. The kid looks so happy when he was bringing the carrots but then This lady had to be caught slipping using Duracell Batteries

  14. Maybe I don't understand the ending

  15. I've got a theory: Timothy isn't real and is a result of the Kid's mind. If you remember, the babysitter said the the show was for retards, implying that the kid is watching it because he has some sort of mental illness, assuming the show is actually for mentally ill people. So maybe the kid is the one who did the murders, and all the scenes with Timothy are him hallucinating.

  16. Did the boy killed his big sis? And timothy is just his imagination?

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