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“Timothy wants to play.”

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More About TIMOTHY: Simon is a little boy that has to deal with his babysitter, Sonia, a total nuisance. But that same night Simon will receive and unexpected visitor, Timothy, the main character of Simon’s favourite show, a visit he will never forget.

Simón – Roger Moreno
Sonia – Ann. M. Perelló
Timothy – Hodei del Barrio
Written and directed – Marc Martínez Jordán
Producer – Arnau Pons
Cinematography – Yuse Riera
Art Director – Hodei Del Barrio
Editor – Anaïs Urraca
Sound – Anna Harrington
Costume Design – Isis Velasco
Make up – Laura Garrote
Make up FX – Laura Lorenzo
Music – Gerard Pastor & Ivan Garrido

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  1. The Simon is controled by the pink rabit/mouse or what?

  2. Mr bunny rabbit you're going to go in jail the police here

  3. Tiene la voz de zeno zama

  4. I think the babysitter was allergic to cuteness

  5. Well, goodbye, childhood. Time for about ten years worth of intense therapy.

  6. Hah he really likes this

  7. Plot twist: the boy killed her

  8. It’s his teenage babysitter—not his mom.

  9. Okay, who is here from Joe Bartolozzi’s live stream? Anyone!? Just me?

  10. Okay, who is here from Joe Bartolozzi’s live stream? Anyone!? Just me?

  11. Ok, thanks. Ummm Betta Butter!!!!

  12. Doesn’t Disney have a super strong copyright for their image? 😂 in regards to the Mr. incredible

  13. ANNE HAPPY TEAZ YASSS 🎵chi-chi-chimoi-chimoi chi-chi-chi-chimoshi🎵

  14. Timothy has to fight with bunnyman

  15. People saying Timothy isn’t real but maybe he is but only children and the people who treat the children badly can see him. Kind of like Peter Pan.

  16. that was one of the best horror short movies i've seen! Respect!

  17. What the fuck am is watching

  18. Not good for kids. who makes something like that😡

  19. It was actualy the bou who killed the girl

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