Horror Short Film “Dual” | ALTER

A child psychologist attempts a breakthrough with a troubled little boy, but unleashes the demonic fury of his “imaginary friends” in the process.

“Dual” by Justin Staggs

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Horror Short Film “Dual” | ALTER


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    Jill's got the snake. Julia's got the flute. Alone, they have nothing. But together, they have a secret weapon to fight the darkness.

  2. جيش يوسف بوس اتبثوا وجودكم

  3. I remeber watching this when i was 6😀 im concerned for myself😅

  4. I watch these and most are so typical and predictable. This one is actually kind of good. It is predictable to a point, yet intriguing. Been good to have this in a full length movie.

  5. That kid could be an X-Men.

  6. This was 100 times better then any other scary video on YouTube ever the actors did a phenomenal acting job keep up the good work keep making more a little bit longer and more scarier and insane crazy thank you so much

  7. The kid was the best actor in this.

  8. Man she was close to the alarm

  9. Look how protective his imaginary friends are 🥹That’s so sweet if you think at another angle

  10. Am I The Only One Who Sees An SCP Reference?

  11. Hi but that's it's a real im scared

  12. Pls make this horror film of 2hrs 🙏🙏

  13. The moment the police found out he fucked up

  14. me before watching the vid:yeah this will be fine me after watching it: goodbye

  15. The acting direction editing story everything about this movie is superb
    I wish you make part 2-3-4-5
    But what I don't like about this short film is its thumbnail picture
    It actually kills the suspense to some extent
    Like we can see that doctors gonna be killed by some bear

  16. I’m so scared to watching this video

  17. This ones a no for me.
    Creative…sure…but nothing else to say.

  18. Okay, acting left a lot to be desired, but the image of the bear holding the doctor up and the clown on the roof will go down in history as the greatest single frames in the history of cinema

  19. “Lotso…the Reincarnation”

  20. Como é esse urso pegou essa mulher e uma criança assustada 😨

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