Holiday Horror Story

Thank you for watching!
Happy early holidays! I feel like this video took me forever to make since I had to do a bunch of finals, but they’re over now. I tried a different sort of outline where I only say the things she says out loud instead of letting you guys hear all her thoughts. I felt like it might’ve made the video scarier, what do you think? the shading is also very different!! which took me a bit longer.

I have winter break in a week, and I am so ready for two weeks off. Everything feels calm now. I hope you guys have a good day too! Also my merch will be coming out soon 😀

made using
-xp pen artist 12 pro
-sony vegas 15
-paint tool sai

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  1. ✨Don't read comments for spoilers!!✨

  2. if the boyfriend wanted the girls parts, why was he telling her to not meet his parents?

  3. hah, we have the same birthday!

  4. I love watching these at night

  5. he kinda cute tho i mean 😩

  6. Helpppp im in love with her bf T T

  7. this is why I have trust issues

  8. Aw, he got his dream girl, how sweet <3

    Aw crap he needled her. Smh. 🙁

  9. wait a sec- 06, 22- thats my birthday

  10. This one was confusing with all the muted parts?

  11. Bruhhh– i keep staring like more than 5 minutes admiring the thumbnail before clicking it
    I love how you draw it.

  12. This one isn’t the easiest one to understand. Even when I read comments of people sharing what they think it means, it doesn’t make sense somehow

  13. So her boyfriend used to be a girl?

  14. I think the story is inspired by the movie "Get Out".People who watched that movie can relate to it

  15. I still don’t understand this story

  16. Theory: Lisana is actually his mom, and he was insecure when he was little and bc of his mom's DNA he had the same urge to be pretty, and so he decided to find someone he found beautiful to look like

  17. I feel like I am addicted to this stories 😂😂

  18. bruh I just want to know what happened after. I also think the boy loved her so much he went through plastic surgery to get together with her

  19. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Don’t scroll down if you don’t want spoilers

    Hey I see you

  20. wtf the endings always end bad

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