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Film cutter Katie Griffin is hopelessly in love with writer Richard Mannhart, and starts an affair with him. When Mannhart’s wife is killed in a road accident, Katie tells the police she thinks he’s tampered with his wife’s car. Being questioned Mannhart declares he’s innocent. Not only that, but he also denies any amorous involvement with Griffin. As it is her word against his, both parties are pressed to back up their stories with hard evidence. Finally, Katie comes up with some. End of story?

Director: Roxanne Messina Captor
Writers: Glenn M. Benest, Timothy Wurtz
Starring: Roxana Zal, Perry King, Daniel Benzali

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  1. Love triangles never end well.

  2. she was delusional my goodness talk about obsessed

  3. Loved the movie Imagine having a real life fantasy lover

  4. The scripts were so smart. Even the last minute ones "it was the happiest day of my life" & "don't worry about that, she'll take care of you". The director even hinted viewers about The RING that bigger size actually, not fit in her finger.. all hinted smartly While still trying to convince viewers to believe what most of us expected. Welldone!!!!! Love the acting skills too here. Love some set too. The man is charismatic, they know how to pick one with skill. The sex scenes wasn't embarrassing or looks horrible too but softy softy although they were showy a little bit.

  5. Such a twister, but very good! Yikes!


  7. Nice. Not genius, but okay. In fact, the ending was pretty obvious almost from the start, but it was fun to watch nonetheless.

  8. Wow….I knew it!! Delusional as heck smh. This movie is pretty awesome.

  9. Richard was a character 🤣🤣 Richard-how did you know were I was- detectives your Mistress told us😁😁.

  10. I knew she was nuts when she flashbacked to the robbery. No one would be okay with having their mouth covered and dragged, getting felt up and being kissed on like that by a total stranger in such a scary situation.

  11. If you’re watching this thinking you’re going to get to watch some serious ATM actions??? You are in for serious disappointment. Believe me I sat through watching this, instead of picking up my in-laws at the airport.

    Side note 📝 ATM stands for ASS TO MOUTH 👄

  12. Does anyone know if this movie is bsed on a true life story ple@se? 🤔🎦🙏🕯️

  13. The m@in, a ctress, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, a more modern day version 🕯️🕊️🙏

  14. Does anyone know ple@se, if this is a lifetime movie or if it's bsed on a true life story? 🙏🕯️

  15. Chile I thought she pulled out ultrasound pics of her pregnancy with him🥴 What a fruit cake she is!

  16. The best movies were acted in the 90s. 👌🇿🇼

  17. Mrs savita ka married lover Mr prasanna she intimate with prasanna and jagadish tavade hermrs savita ka pati borkar unknown hi

  18. Don’t read the comments before u watch the movie.

  19. who killed the wife i didnt undersrand ? someone tell me

  20. 👌💕✌️👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Honestly the woman is crazy insane but the husband doesn't even care to drop a
    single tear for his wife

  22. I saw this movie years ago. I'm still watching it now on Prime Videos as it's a good movie.

  23. She comes across as a sexually repressed woman who's having erotic fantasies about her teacher. The movie plays up that angle of the story.
    Her prairie-looking dresses are an indication that she doesn't get any sex lol.

  24. Well ex movie thank you.

  25. It's a rather intriguing movie, but I have sussed it all out.

  26. I’m only five minutes In , but I would surmise this is all in her mind. That she’s obsessed with him , and stalking him and making this whole romance up in her mind. And she’s the one who murdered his wife. Could be wrong. But there are subtle clues that would lead me to believe that’s going to be the outcome. Lol

  27. (Spoiler Alert)
    WOW! Kind of Spooky in a way, if you happen to be a Professor or other person of Fame!

  28. Why did you change the name of the movie from "A Clean Kill" (on screen) to "Her Married Lover" in the description???

  29. 6 minutes in and the detectives are just not giving sh**🤣

  30. What a good movie and what a nut job!! She’s a nut case alright!

  31. A topnosh movie from all aspects: akting, storyline, interesting and tasteful cast.
    Thank you for sharing such a masterpiece with us

  32. Perry King was in all the good Lifetime movies.

  33. I think this is all in her dam head what y'all think?

  34. 15:09 I’m lucky because I have plans for today, for tomorrow, for the week, and for my whole life—to make you happy.

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