The US Marines have always been an unruly bunch. After harassing the local female population, half-dozen of them come across sleeping black-clad soldiers who they immediately put out of commission. Little did they know that these were Major Carter’s finest men, hand-picked for a special assignment behind enemy lines. Now it is up to our misfits and their rather displeased new commander to perform the operation themselves: snatch away one Dutch scientist to make sure his assistance in germ warfare remains unfulfilled. The interesting part is that he is being housed in a mansion owned by Colonel Kreutzman, Gestapo’s most youth-loving bloodhound. The frightening part is that Sara, the unwilling cooperator’s daughter, is along for the ride as well. Thankfully, to ensure terror does not fill our brave boys’ hearts, she will be disguised as an SS soldier…


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  3. This was the crappiest movie I have ever seen. I cannot stomach something that could have been made much better (script and acting).

  4. American made war movies of around this time used to show American tanks posing as German Panzers! Today there are plenty of authentic German WW2 tanks in museums all around the world that have been retrieved & rebuilt & some can be rented out. Anyone that knows anything about tanks will spot that the tanks are not German straight away.

  5. Pity the Germans haven’t got German accents

  6. nao tem legenda em portugues porque

  7. Spaghetti war flick, worst then the spaghetti western, truly bad and a waste of time

  8. This movie is quite poor, can’t imagine a more shoddy piece, it’s somewhat of a parody of the ww2 genre perhaps. But it’s a good try.

  9. Might have found better actors in a high school and the writing is a joke.

  10. The really hero who release the Europe's from nazy it was American soldiers

  11. you would think it anyone.knew about german uniforms it would the Italians.obviously not.

  12. I happen to think it's not bad. At least not this first hour.

  13. Probably the best film ever

  14. Apparently the truck those fellows drove ran on nuclear power.

  15. That Truman actor looks very convincing.lmao.

  16. Their mission that will be denied if captured is to kill him if needed Oh Know they shout not the professor but we had him for science in grade school! But first they will be required to go thru a grueling training that will make them wish they were at the Front as opposed to the Back ! All being Gay Porn Stars from the famous International Studio, first making motion pictures with their love and mentor Rock Hudson . He was their Sugar Daddy top in that great WWII Movie "Boys with Poppers" followed by the expected sequel "Riding Europe Bareback or Taking Europe Hollywood Style" As part of their training they first will practice saying lines and method acting techniques while using only spit for lube. Look for when the resistance Butch Female recommends they use a laxative prior to the mission.
    Another great Gay Italian Spaghetti WWII Movie ** No real animals were used in the making of this movie. Producer makes no claims what went on while not filming. Guess what actors voice is being overdub with Rock Hudson as a Young man when he was still straight and hadn't been in prison thru an after school program where he was scared … well you can pack in the blanks. Also they don't recommend not using protection, as Rock would tell you if still alive.
    The above is a fictitious review by this author who's opinion"s are based on a crappy upbringing from being raised in a small town in southern Minnesota where the choice of after school activities were going to the Titty Bar or hanging out sniffing glue, gasoline or Dick Blick spray paints, behind Hormel Meat packing on the Cedar River across from the police station.

  17. I am in love with Trash movies. Marvel sucky, sucky.

  18. This movie is a joke: dialog ssgt in command cheep and silly

  19. Love these spaghetti war flicks! Very Tarantino esk!

  20. Talk about cheese y movie,the yanks pull into a village and screw all the woman ,at the beginning, the movie only gets worse after that ,load of crap

  21. was so shitty I was waiting for Telly Saliva to appear. canned corn

  22. Couldn't rate this one,if I did..it would be..0.
    It's of no good.

  23. Addendum:. The makers of this film were also obviously perverts.

  24. Another Turd. Did the Italian film makers know how to make anything that wasn't corny and stupid? The script is just so so bad. A real turd.

  25. En castellano por favor se ve ke son buenas peliculas

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