Gwen Stefani – Slow Clap ft. Saweetie

Listen now to “Slow Clap” feat. Saweetie:

Directed by Sophie Muller

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Music video by Gwen Stefani, Saweetie performing Slow Clap. © 2021 Interscope Records


  1. Ouuu Yassss~ I loved this fresh song, From hollaback girl to welcome back girl! 🙂
    Oddly my hair is actually that pink right now lol

  2. Taking me back to the 90s Ska roots. I can’t stop smiling. ❤️ Love Gwen, no doubt!🤙🏻🌺💞

  3. What was the point of Saweetie being on the song and the black people?….

  4. I swear Gwen Stefani is immortal and I'm okay with that.

  5. Gwen is always invited to our barbecues .. Love her 💓

  6. Since NO DOUBT she is my idol she will forever 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Gwen i love and respect you.

  7. Gwen sweetie I support 4 life. No hate ever. But you’re capable of so much better than this track lol

  8. So dumb and idiotic, I see that's pathetic.

  9. Essa mulher tinha que voltar a cantar rock ! Essas músicas são um verdadeiro flop !

  10. I used to love Gwen, but after she went all bougie the music has not been the same. This is a lame holla back girl

  11. This is good one I love it ! For all us classic ppl out here much love 💘

  12. Love Gwen 😍

    Beautiful woman!

  13. gwen teaming up with trash to produce more trash

  14. It's name is "Slow Clap" but I can't hep but fast clapping while I sing along this song bc it gives me life and is so cool and catchy! 🙂

  15. Why does Gwen feel like she needs to do risque videos now? She is a great singer, this video just didn't do it for me.


  17. I see this song being in a movie!!

  18. The extended scene of Taylor swifts twerk scene in her music video “shake it off”😂

  19. Clap🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 a bad yuh bad

  20. Am I the only one that searched up slow clap for the meme and saw this video

  21. Dope throwback vybz. GS still in da mfkn buildin – Dont sleep! Saweetie delivered dat package 2

  22. I can’t let my bro’s know that I be listening to this song .


  24. This woman looks the same and I'm like ok what era am I really in🤦

  25. Wow this song is giving me LIFE despite I'm living in middle of war here in Beirut 😔

  26. Gwen’s only good song is above
    is we hen she went n y TY o D a using
    Face it: Courtney Love is talented, Gwen
    is much more limited; no doubt Gwen
    can’t play guitar like Courtney. TV

  27. Kinda a catchy song.

  28. I remember when you first started and nothing has changed except you are more beautiful now x Troy WELCOME BACK

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  30. Who else knows Her favorite word to say is “bananas”?

  31. This song is dope as f*ck.

  32. It kinda sounded like cap cap cap cap

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  34. I hope Gwen thanked Swaeeti for this one

  35. clap clap clap clap clap de-clap …. and I love y'all XXX

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  37. Gwen Stefani remains the coolest girl in Pop music.

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