Great People of the Bible

These Biblical leaders marked the path that Christianity would follow generation after generation. Their tales of sacrifice and struggle, tribulation and triumph will inspire the faithful everywhere. These wonderful accounts are brought to life on locations featuring the ancient cities and sacred sites treasured by pilgrims for nearly two thousand years. Abraham’s faith pleased God, and he became the founder of the Jewish nation.

Abraham was respected by others, and he was courageous in defending his family at any cost. Sarah, his wife, became mother of a nation and ancestor of Jesus. She was a woman of faith and the first woman listed in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11. Sarah gave birth to her miracle-child, Isaac, when she was ninety years old. He was the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham. God’s promise to create a great nation was passed on by Isaac to his twin sons. One of the twins, Jacob served as father to the twelve tribes of Israel. His son, Joseph, accomplished a great feat when he rose dramatically from slave to ruler with his personal integrity and spiritual sensitivity.

* Abraham
* Sarah
* Isaac
* Esau
* Jacob
* Joseph and His Brothers

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  1. politics existed even before dawn existed . it is the seat of power and thrown crowns and signet. religion evolved from politics. the position of grandness and pomp. in fact people were pretending to study religion to impress their boyfriends . the buoys knew of who wore the cassok and who wore red pants and red bras . whose waist length was within 26 cm and whose exceeded 26 . if the waist line was not above 26 they would do anything to bring that number above 26. religion to ease politicians or politicians to ease the unrest and poverty ??? how bloody sangeetha got the bloody reputation ???? Ganesha provided the salary or vels university provided that power to ruin everyone to poverty . it is their power to bring people below poverty levels and celebrate with their inner wear and kitchen utilities to create sympathy . we don't require her sympathy or her bloody money to survive ….

  2. Excellent video ThAnk YoU

  3. 3:27 what? Terah didn't "decide to move to Canaan" God called Abram, not Terah😔Also, He called him from Ur, not Haran. I hope this gets more accurate. I love the Bible

  4. Jesus Christ IS MY LORD & SAVIOR!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Benedict XVI is the high priest of the order of Melchizedek. Amen.

  6. You can't talk about Jesus you don't know
    Don't sell your soul

  7. Why are you telling me your preaching to the quire

  8. Ur is in present day Iraq. NOT Iran. The British took the word UR and named the country Iraq by association of Ur-ak. Anyways, Abraham was of Assyrian decent (my ethnicity). We were the first converts into Christianity, and Abraham still loved his forefathers. Hence why he sent his first born to marry off Issaac to the land of his forefathers. He did not want his son to marry anyone else but from the land of his forefathers, whom became Rebecca. The daughter of his brother Lamah. So, for two generations they were still Assyrians. His actual home was in present day Iraq. Iran was a temporary travel. Anyways, we speak Aramaic, and can read and write in the language. Aramaic the language GOD chose when walking this earth. Aramaic is the root language of Hebrew, which is the language of our children, and are our cousins. Unfortunately, so are the children of Ishmael, present day Arabs. Some of these documentaries are so off sometimes. lol

  9. Thanks soo much for the video. This truly Bible accounts and it teaches us about how Jehovah God the Almighty God helps Joseph in amazing ways. Because of his obedient and Hamble and relying on Jehovah God. With the wicked his brothers did to him he forgive them by showing great love ❤ to them which brings happiness that is a lesson to Al of us to keep and for give one another very good 👍

  10. Yes we all are sinners before Christ ,have had a sinner for an earthly father/dad… but now when we intentionally say yes to Jesus as he taught ,we join the Heavenly family and we can call God our Father… see the the prayer in Matthew 6:9-13….. John 3:16 ..and as we confess our sins,repent, Jesus forgives us our sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness … then we know God as our Heavenly Father….our sins are covered by Jesus work on the cross and His resurrection, and when we die on earth, we have our home in heaven with Jesus as He promised.

  11. Accept Father Yehovah as Sole Ruler , creator of The Whole Universe, book of Genesis for Life in Gan Eden , Love Ur Dad , Love ur Mom , Love ur sister , love ur brother , Love each other , and never start a problem unless ur commands u to do so.

  12. Wonderful reenactment of Bible Stories

  13. I Indira Deochand accept the lord Jesus christ of Nazareth as my lord and savior. Thank you lord for die on the cross for my sins. In Jesus name amen 🙏✝️

  14. Dear Gary Have you repented and believed ? I’m asking because everyone seems to think that just because they ask Jesus to save them He Will but if the Holy Spirit hasn’t convicted you then you on still on the road to Salvation Matthew 7:21-23

  15. The Bible says call no one father except Him.


  17. This josefian sold lame crufe for pegans Əvən ~ Egypt dead or wĥàŧ

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