GAIA Trailer (2021) Mystery, Drama Movie

GAIA Trailer (2021) Fantasy Movie
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  2. Have no idea how these guys didn't get sued from Naughty Dog/SONY… for all of you that dont know what i am talking about , look up the game The last of us

  3. The trailer needs to be lighter and more vivid

  4. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  5. I wish they would've removed the zombie creatures from the film. The movie works better as a paranoid cabin drama, the horror elements were really unneccessary… just the idea of being lost in the woods with the fungus spreading with these two cultists was creepier than the out of place zombie things they threw in for shock effect.

  6. "GAIA" Is FULL Of SHT!! LIES!! The OLDEST People on the EARTH are NOT "HYBRIDS" but the SAME "BLACK" Wino at the Liquor Store on the Corner in the "URBAN" Areas! And Y'all KNOW this!! (And you "WONDER" Why the Birth rate among you is 0.1 Percent!!

  7. Just watched this… sooooooolp good.. will be eating some shtooms and watching again

  8. Wonder how long will it take for Naughty Dogs to suit them for copying the concept of monsters from The Last of US while a TV show is already in the filming stage?

  9. Is this a Serbian movie?
    Can't figure out the language spoken

  10. This movie sucked..the hype is not real.

  11. Team last of us, what can we do with the left over props from the video game

    Team gaia, we take it and make 1 movie😂

  12. Clickers, the last of us anyone ?

  13. Seeing this a dutch speaking person is really weird.

  14. Two conservationists getting lost in jungle nature and saved by two
    hunters covered in mud mixed with some weird human plant voodoo. Thats
    it and not good.

  15. Wow…800+ liked this dumb movie. Pathetic. Wasted my time watching stupidity at d next level but i was smart enough to quit before it ends due to my sleepy mode setting in!!!

  16. It looks good but this is actually an insult towards Gaia and I mean the actual Gaia. I thought it was actually going to be about Gaia but this is to the point where it's going overboard and insulting Mother Nature

  17. I thought he was rapping like eminem

  18. They literally used the creature design from The Last of Us for this.

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