FULL MOVIE | Final Justice 1998 | Annette O’Toole, Michael McKean | Legal Drama Thriller Film HD

Final Justice (1998) | 1h 35min | Drama Thriller | TV Movie 1 June 1998 | English | A teacher kidnaps the attorney who successfully defended her gay brother’s killer.

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Writer: Babs Greyhosky

Stars: Annette O’Toole, Michael McKean, Brian Wimmer

An enraged woman (Annette O’Toole) kidnaps the unprincipled attorney (Michael McKean) who freed her brother’s killer.


  1. Wonderful. Thank you so much.

  2. he is married to annette o toole. dont know if they were already married here.

  3. michael mckean is such a good actor.

  4. terrible script, terrible acting, this actress should have quit after "One On One" with Robbie Benson

  5. Why was Annette’s character pulling out the spikes on the golf shoes?

  6. Did not like the ending much. I would have liked to see him suffer and suffer MORE. Yes, I know I am being nasty….. b ut I LOVE IT!! lol!!

  7. Great, great film, thank you.

  8. It's a story but an enjoyable one nonetheless.


  10. getting revenge or justice is one of the most thing i like but unfortunately it,s not always easy so i pray so they get karma

  11. Learn from the French. Truth first. Arguments secondary.

  12. This was a good one!…very clever plot…loved the characters and acting..

  13. How ironic that the two main stars are married to one another in real life, although they weren't at that juncture.

  14. what a refreshingly candid movie! i wish more movies with a meaningful message such as this were cranked out more often…kudos to producer/writer!

  15. Love conquers all hatred. A love between a mother and her children is beautiful. A mother's love is golden.

  16. Great movie 🎥 a must watch. I give it 5 star's.

  17. how did U torture him? I played Rap music REALLY LOUD:) LMAO

  18. Oziva please don't do your ads with this nashedi lady..

  19. What a good storyline. Finally the attorney get its own medicine..I luv court room drama movie

  20. Satisfying movie. Specially that unfairness and bullying got exposed

  21. Justice system isnt after justice its for lawyers to win and earn. Justice in this case is a misnomer!

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