Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is (Official Music Video)

You’re watching the official music video for Foreigner – “I Want to Know What Love Is” from the album ‘Agent Provocateur’ (1984). “I Want to Know What Love Is” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was featured on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest songs of all time.

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  1. Slow down and groove to the sweet soft rock sounds of the 70s, 80s, and 90s with the Soft Rock Hits Playlist ⛵🌞

  2. esa canción se la dedicaba mi papá a mi mamá y la cantaba y ahorita q la escucho y q mis papas están separados se siente feo

  3. Essa música é do caralho 👌😔

  4. It's a good song and yup i still listen to this song

  5. God because you didn't bring me in at 80.

  6. I'm here because bucky sang it

  7. Too deep…Gives me sadly sweet sensation.

  8. fuck ed sheeran, i want this as my 2am kitchen slowdancing song

  9. This brings back memories

  10. Almost arriving Valentine’s Day in Brazil and for the first time I’m feeling lonely:(

  11. I love this song.

    Maybe one day I'll experience what love is.

  12. I wanna know where my wood is
    I know you can show me
    I wanna find where my wood is
    I know you can show me

  13. Excellent song ! Unforgettable! Back in time…..

  14. Hola mi opinión es breve 💃💃🌹💔💔 ermosisima para mí son recuerdos que en lo personal son recuerdos que jamás olvidaré amos esas excelentes canciones que son muchas que al escucharlas petras portan aremos recuerdos que siempre los yebare en mi corazón y en mi mente

  15. Close your eyes when singing, it feels better.

  16. Memories in GTA Vice City Stories on Radio Station is Emotion 98.3

  17. This may be the most glorious music video ever.

  18. This is a great song. Say hi to everyone, from Japan.

  19. I feel he's trying to read my mind

  20. Still love this song❤ ~ i'm here in 2021

  21. I was here😊☺️😍🤩🤩😍😊☺️

  22. Who is here from good boys

  23. Il desiderio più grande è incontrare un lassie

  24. I wanted to know what love was for many years, then in January 2009, I found a guy who showed me in words, deeds and actions what I had missed out on for the first 42 years of my life. RIP, Robbie, why did you have to die so soon? Once again, I am lost…without you, but grateful, too for the lessons you taught me.

  25. A música mais linda que já escutei.

  26. “Essa é do caralho”
    “Who this guy?”

  27. Imposible no recordarte siempre que la escucho, JAV I LOVE YOU ♡

  28. Isso não é música, isso é um hino

  29. 1990년 내가 사랑한 미애 구미애 한테 테입 으로 녹음 해서 보냇는데 ㅎ 지금 새롭네요 어디서 사는지

  30. Hola alguien sabe como de llama esa película?

  31. The gamy support densply attempt because doll respectively dress over a screeching wound. delightful, needy radiator

  32. Não consigo ouvir essa música sem lembrar do imundo azul kkkkkkkkkk

  33. Benny Harvey RIP Miss Ya Big Man

  34. Just enjoying some nice songs including this one. Don't mind me 😁

  35. i want to know where my wood is

  36. En que momento del tiempo se perdio esto!!!!!Que recuerdos😎😎😎

  37. Todo un clasico😎😎😎😎

  38. ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  39. Awesome power ballad of the 80s!!!😃👍👍❤

  40. Absolutely beautiful song. Have loved it since it was released.

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