For The Love of George | 2018 Romantic Comedy

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Quirky comedy about a jilted wife who leaves her cheating husband in England and sets off to LA hoping to meet who she believes is the perfect man – George Clooney.

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  1. I wished there was a rating for viewers. It was unnecessary for the psychologist to use the F*** word and the suggestion of a three some is not really at all audiences. So it has language, racy lingerie, and a gay best friend. So it all the formulas that Hollywood likes but the movie still is lack luster.

  2. Poppy's face seems to be a victim of cosmetic procedures.

  3. If acting is reacting botox is the enemy of acting.

  4. C video
    Here just for bloopers 🤣

  5. Omg Plastic Poppy is so difficult to watch

  6. I think Justin the gay Chinese man stole the show – the leading actress didn't seem shrewd enough to match her age nor convincing in her dialogue. Sorry, but I can see why it's free to watch here.

  7. What's the significance of "She was 12 and she knew the world" at 1:19:36?

  8. Wow so nice…💕
    The ending was brilliant and beautiful 😁

  9. Great movie, humorous and entertaining. I just wished those with nothing nice to say should just be kinder … Some critique here were just too mean…towards the cast and producers . ❤️💕❤️I Loved the storyline…life is about going with the flow and God's plan

  10. Fun script, sophomoric acting.

  11. This movie was so boring. Couldnt even finish it.

  12. Clichéd in every possible way a film can be. I learned the strength of my optimism by watching this to the final credits.

  13. way too many ads on every movie on your channel, it is so annoying, like every 7 minutes, cant you change that? please or i will unsubscribe. thanks

  14. Is everyone in LA like that?? 🤢Nope! Bye-bye!

  15. Weird when a non teen seems so obsessed with a celebrity that she travels across to another country and seriously believes they are soulmates and they only need to meet. Such a ridiculous premise!

  16. best part of that movie for me was the Andy William's song at the end…

  17. LOVE this Movie ! 👍
    I LOVE the SONG @43:03
    Who is the Song Artist By ? / Title of the Song? 🤔
    JAMES BOWERS – Blurred Vision *

  18. I LOVED every moment of this movies. Everyone was so in Character and the touches of humor were delightful. Love is where you find it when you give it a chance. Love it

  19. Great Movie!!!!! Loved it!!!

  20. Terrible main actor/actress – transgender? Whatever, too artificial to be enjoyable to look at, not to speak of the bad acting.

  21. so moral of the story is that marriage, family and commitments means nothing …

  22. All I'm saying is love is a very very powerfull emotion. Take great care.

  23. Holleywood thinks that violating a very special wow is funny????? Well in another version of this story she shoots him in the face!

  24. Bull! Cell phones don't work that way. She hung up thus ending the call. He did not pick up. Silly ass stupid writters!

  25. George cloony is a real evil drinking childrens blood and he is from deep state

  26. Good movie. Could have been a LOT better with a different actress.

  27. 45:48 He looks like a Brad…a Brad Pitt
    I still don't really get the ending this movie. So she's going to start new…so what does that mean.. live for herself, sleep around, do more donation drives, etc?

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