For The Love of George | 2018 Romantic Comedy

**This film is under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

Quirky comedy about a jilted wife who leaves her cheating husband in England and sets off to LA hoping to meet who she believes is the perfect man – George Clooney.

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  1. Great Movie!!!!! Loved it!!!

  2. Terrible main actor/actress – transgender? Whatever, too artificial to be enjoyable to look at, not to speak of the bad acting.

  3. so moral of the story is that marriage, family and commitments means nothing …

  4. All I'm saying is love is a very very powerfull emotion. Take great care.

  5. Holleywood thinks that violating a very special wow is funny????? Well in another version of this story she shoots him in the face!

  6. Bull! Cell phones don't work that way. She hung up thus ending the call. He did not pick up. Silly ass stupid writters!

  7. George cloony is a real evil drinking childrens blood and he is from deep state

  8. Good movie. Could have been a LOT better with a different actress.

  9. 45:48 He looks like a Brad…a Brad Pitt
    I still don't really get the ending this movie. So she's going to start new…so what does that mean.. live for herself, sleep around, do more donation drives, etc?

  10. I really enjoyed this movie! Thank you for the upload.

  11. not too bad at all; gives some giggles, there'a a tad bit of stupidity but so what…? in this perilous world of pre-concieved wickedness and sadness there must be some time for funny stupidity too … where it'll make the full meaning of the words "mind balancing" come to full fruition. So i liked it a lot. cozied me up on a chilly fall evening!

  12. 1:16:35 Is that a man or some old tired dog???

  13. Nadia Jordan
    Is British like me
    Has my first name
    And my birthday
    But is a decade older; I’m never been that groomed or hairless.

  14. I feel bad seeing all these comments about the Poppy's face "being full of fillers" etc…. This is a middle aged woman, people! She's allowed to do some touch ups if she wishes especially as she's very thin and may want to add fullness back into her face. Have you guys seen 18-30 year olds lately?! The amount of plastic surgery they have done is insane and it's viewed as casual as getting your nails done. Just a casual scroll through Instagram and you will see what I mean! In comparison I actually think whatever work Poppy had done was money well spent! She looks great and there's not one major thing to call out like "oh she got a facelift" but instead very reasonable small touches that give natural appearance of youth.
    Thanks for the upload!! Enjoyed this movie!! 🥰😘🌸

  15. An empty movie, silly and I lost my time.

  16. I stopped watching at 12:29 when it was clear that this movie was an Appl3 commercial. Those idiots paid again for product placement. Appl3s are bought by Lemmings in the cult store and most are then too stupid to BUY the phones and then send emails with signatures that include Sent from my iCrap phone. My phones signature states that any inbound commercials will be deleted. Appl3 should pay YOU to advertise for them!!! And I also will not watch a film uploaded by someone who sells stupid shirts.

  17. A big theme in this movie is George Clooney. In 1999 I was in Scottsdale, AZ for a wedding. My friend was going oogle-eyed about a man on the golf course. Can't believe I asked, "Who's George Clooney?"! I was a non-tv watching soccer mom at the time….sigh.

  18. The movie was the stupidest thing I've ever seen. It's like a high school play. There's no beginning there's no and there's no storyline she wants to meet George Clooney what a nutcase!!!!!

  19. Por Dios, qué mala es!!! Aguanté 18 min.

  20. Brilliant film gave me a laugh

  21. Worse, there are crazy people like that in real life, obsessed with celebrities.

  22. Don't waist your time.

  23. Omg! Ok never get this time back! Who do I sue?

  24. hahaha… stupid movie but funny and it's not even halfway

  25. I wonder if this movie is funded by alcohol companies.

  26. The Guy in the blue shirt wanting them to "Gobble" is the host from Idiottest.

  27. Poppy's acting sux big time and so does the ending .

  28. Musical interludes are waaay too loud – kept having to turn volume down and back up for dialogue – very annoying!

  29. I think she deserves a Oscar running down stairs with high heel shoes!

  30. In love with that idiot? George Clooney?! I hate liberals. So it means he is in the list of "No-No". Absolutley not.

  31. Poppy is wierd but cute and she is 🥰

  32. A very funny movie!!! 😄😄😄

  33. Is funny, thank you good entertainment

  34. Brilliant movie, thank you 5stars!! Great fun romance movie

  35. 😆Well that'll teach me for not taking note of the comments below, because if I had then I wouldn't have WASTED 1hr 23mins on such a crap movie! Lesson most definitely learned😂

  36. Entertaining enough, just a good mindless movie, but the accents are a wee bit much 😱

  37. Imagine complaining about a free movie

  38. It happened to me the same thing, I also acted the same way….left without a word, then I sent the divorce papers lol…In the first few years is difficult then goes away and the life, shines brightly 🙏💕But, I never went back and never will, to any cheater…I love myself More😂

  39. I did not expect I'd like it. The moral is to go for what makes you happy. Just be…😎

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