Finding love in mountain view – Best lifetime movie/ romance movie


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  2. i don't like deeznuts or kids

  3. Finding Love in Mountain View

  4. Hey guys, what's the tittle of the song that Joe asks Margret to sing when they're about to go to bed

  5. Just re-watched this movie, Love it! Very wholesome and not as silly as some Hallmark movies get. The music was great too 🙂

  6. who wrote the song and where can I find it?

  7. I loved this movie it brought back memories that I will cherish forever. When someone loves you–that is all you need.

  8. Great movie 👍❤🇯🇲

  9. Miss the moment's of time

  10. A very nice movie 🎦.. Thank you ❤️

  11. Please tell me what the last song is. It's wonderful!

  12. Aaah I didn't cry😢♥️♥️♥️

  13. Gonna see if these comments are true 👍 say it is interesting o

  14. This is a very good movie😍😍

  15. It is a touching story with a courageous woman who decides to take charge of two nice kids. Her «old« friend is also a perfect lover for her and her new family. Plus her female friend who gives so useful wishes. A family to build, day after day. And the happiness is there, love and a real future for all of them, including the aunt. One of the best romances that appears now. What an entertainment ! These actresses and actors, young or older, match perfectly this story. And they are more real than the reality. One of my favorite movies. Cinema at its best ! Congratulations ! Love is always actual !

  16. Great movie! It shows you clearly how you life can change unexpectedly .

  17. Awesome. He's a narsisstic 😉

  18. Except for the prayer not saying Who they were praying to, and not on a real Holy Day, this movie was a definite thumbs up! 👍🏼
    Thank you YaH our deliverance, for bringing us Your marriage covenant and plan of salvation and allowing us to repent and allowing us to cut the meat with you and showing us how to be pure…..Being with those who want to be righteous in your courts! Much Ahabah!

  19. the kids are thank less why dont they care what the lady thinks

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