Final Move – Full Thriller Movie

Final Move – Full Thriller Movie

A disgraced ex-detective must catch a killer to save his daughter.

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  1. The biggest flaw…. Not asking his daughter to describe him when he got her from school…. Never would happen that way

  2. This movie is so wack๐Ÿ˜ก damn The worst movie ever

  3. too much adverstisement….

  4. This is one hell of a good movie, I jut found it weird that those dead people keep on talking to Nick, which somehow helped the case to be solved, the lost daughter Kate, appearing now and then helped Nick a lot, it is his conscience bothering him and not the real physical Kate…

  5. Sher is goes filim for wiskas

  6. Sher is goes filim for wiskas

  7. Husband comes home too late, his wife with cancer died a few minutes earlier, he kneels crying on the bed and … exactly then an advertisement is shown. How disrespectful has our society become?

  8. That was one weird film.

  9. Good movie. Thankyou !!

  10. Movie is good but man, dead Kate is more annoying than these ads lol ๐Ÿ˜

  11. Ads evey 1mnts๐Ÿ˜‘

  12. Que raro que la mamรก no se ha dado cuenta que su hija la raptaron???? Productor?

  13. i find it boring..story is just dragging..

  14. This was really good. Keep them coming.

  15. This is one for the movie collection….yhank you!!! I want more!!!

  16. Action drama and suspense I hope this movie got it all

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