Fav Movie Scenes – Joker’s interrogation (The Dark Knight)

See I’m not a monster… I’m just ahead of the curve.


  1. The lighting in this scene is magnificient

  2. See when I was a teenager, even then I thought the Joker was cringey and edgy. Now being an adult I realize how right he was.

  3. Me going over to someone’s house knowing they have pets 4:09

  4. What's he hiding under all that makeup?

  5. The Reality here is The Joker is Interrogating Batman😅😂!

  6. “Evening… commissioner.” 🤣🤣 The Joker was amazing bravo to Heath Ledger RIP

  7. hmmm Batman vs Joker

    Micheal Keaton vs Jack Nicholson

    Christian Bale vs Heath Ledger

    Ben Affleck vs……….whoever played the joker in Suicide Squad

    Robert Pattinson vs Joaquin Phoenix

    Kevin Conroy vs Mark Mahill

  8. This scene used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid. I’d walk past the tv and see batman but not the one I used to see in the animations, I’d see this real life version of him beating the shit out of the joker and what truly scared me was how the joker just started laughing after getting kicked in the face, now when I’m 18 This trilogy is by far my favorite.

  9. cracka a corona triza nya

  10. During the Jokers interrogation, he makes Batman choose between Harvey and Rachel, and actually explains to the Batman that he's going to have to choose who dies. By choosing Rachel (thinking he'll be saving her) he's actually choosing her to die.

  11. Does harvey know about youu and his littleeee bunnyyyyyyy

  12. There were two Batman. The other….Jim Gordon.

  13. Look at what is happening in Minneapolis and Hong Kong right now and you'd see what the Joker is saying about people here is true.

  14. The bit about "civilized people" hits a little different right now.

  15. 3:42 "do you wanna go into the other room?"


  16. You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve. – corona virus much?

  17. If we're going to play games I'm going to need a cup of coffee

  18. The Joker was way ahead of his time. Look at what's happening now. Sheesh

  19. "When the chips are down, these… civilized people? They'll eat each other." 
    —> Coronavirus .

  20. Sent shivers down my spine when he said ‘When the chips are down, these civilised people will eat each other’ and how it has completely foreshadowed modern society today with the coronavirus pandemic and portrays how even when people are at their most vulnerable and need each other, our greed will get in the way and we will put ourselves before the needy out of greed. The fighting over toilet roll and bulk buying completely epitomises this.


  22. They are only good as the world allows them to be.This civilised people they'll eat each other. — JOKER

    Sad to know in the end the Joker win about in regarding Covid-19.

  23. Corona virus makes this even more truthful!😂

  24. This has aged well. Now that we can see how people act when there's a pandemic. Fighting over toilet paper? Really?
    Coronavirus was just a way for us to see our true selves

  25. Coronavirus, Emptied out grocery store shells, media as always trying its best to get ok people’s nerves. The chips are down… people are eating each other

  26. 2:50 with all the coronavirus stuff and everyone losing their minds this thing is on point.

  27. This totally applies to today with the coronavirus and the toilet paper and all of that

  28. They will eat each other.. reminds me of what is happening today with the coronna virus

  29. The youth are idealist dreamers but experience opens your eyes to the real harsh world.

  30. As insane and evil as he is, you have to admit that he's right about people.

  31. I know the truth, there is no going back

  32. Man you see it. You see Batman listening to him for a few moments without having anything to say. The joker wasn’t wrong.

  33. Best scene ever in history of filmmaking.

  34. 2:303:09, the best villian monologue ever.

  35. Hard to decide who's interrogating who in this scene…

  36. I am not civilized too, Joker…

  37. e v e n i n g c o m m i s s i o n e r

  38. 4:17 the most Joker thing ever

  39. one of cinema history's best scenes

  40. 4:03 does Harvey know about you and his little bunny, the best movie scene ever

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