Fantasy Movie 2020 西游记 | The Monkey King 4 大梦女儿国 | 魔幻片 Fantasy film, Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2020 New “Journey to The West” topic movie 《The Monkey King 4 The Lady Kingdom 大夢女兒國》is about a story in Ladies Kingdoms when Monk Tang and his disciples go to the West. The Queen falls in love with Monk Tang and requests him to stay. Monk Tang is so moved and says YES because they have a destined love of nine generations. But Buddha says NO because Monk Tang’s destiny is to get the Buddhist Scriptures. Then the world was destroyed and cycled again. A modern girl Barbie was assigned her fate to break this cycle and transported to that time…How can she save the “Journey to The West” mission and the world?

故事简介:2020最新 #西游记 题材电影《The Monkey King 4 The Ladies Kingdom 大梦女儿国》讲述唐僧师徒取经路上途径女儿国,女儿国国王爱上了唐僧并请求御弟哥哥留下来,唐僧被国王的真情所感动,答应她留下来,因为他们有上天注定的九世情缘!然而如来佛祖却不答应,因为唐僧(金蝉子的转世)被赋予的命运是完成取经大业。于是大日如来净世咒将世界摧毁重新来过,一个现代女孩“芭比”被赋予这个命运去打破这个循环……

出品 Studio: 心暖花开 Blooming Flowers Picture
导演 Director: 楚人勤 Churen Qin
主演 Starring: 孙海洋 Sun Haiyang, 付赫安琪 Fuhe Anqi, 李沛槿 Li Peijing, 杨乾龙 Yang Qianlong
题材 Genres: 玄幻 魔幻 Fantasy

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  1. This "Journey To The West" story is created from the answer of Monk Tang when the queen of the Lady Kingdom asks him to stay. If He says YES. He can stay with the queen but the Journey would be terminated. So who can save it? and also can save the love of the Monk Tang and the Queen? That's the movie…

  2. ப்ரோ கொஞ்சம் தமிழ்ல டைப் பண்ணி போடுங்க மூவி நல்லா இருக்கு அதான் கேக்குறேன்

  3. I like the monkey king series of movies. This one has a period fantasy and modern-day storyline with some parts told through dreams and time travel. You must pay attention! I at least learned prophecy will not change or it is not prophecy!

  4. 沒有高潮起伏,不像其他電影一定要愛得要死要活、大澈大悟,感覺就是很平順地在敘說一個佛法的故事,老實說看完還是不知道他要表達甚麼

  5. Bgus, dsni dlbtkn mnsia jmn now

    If hv part 1,2,3,4 more easy to watching , thankfully, but there different people

  6. 劇本不錯… 只不過怎麼說呢?好像差了什麼… 😂

  7. The characters were different.monkey king looked weird…but a beautiful story.More Monkey King please.🙈🙉🙊

  8. Awww no part 4 for the monkey king 1 2 and 3? These are completely different people

  9. Iklan e cek akeh e.suu.asuu

  10. plz tell sound plute name!

  11. पिक्चर जो चालू है हिंदी में चाहिए

  12. Gini dong ada sub Indonesia ya kan bisa nonton saya

  13. Hindi me upload kro 🙏

  14. 超好看的, 真的是戏不可貌相

  15. 这背景音乐🎶太不搭了

  16. Hen duo wu Kong I seen think different rules characters 😁😁😁

  17. This was a truly great film. It was very intelligently thought out, and is a great reworking of a part of the Journey To The West. I highly recommend this film to anyone. It is well worth the time to watch it.

  18. 안녕하세요 필리핀 한글학교 최교수 인사드립니다 다녀갑니다

  19. thanks 4 eng. sub..
    love it..

  20. Mantap nih, kerak sakti reborn😍😍😍

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