Family Fantasy Adventure Films : Albion- The Enchanted Stallion
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  1. Nice movie I'll give it 3/5 because rather than wasting your time on social media u can watch this wonderful movie

  2. wow i like this type of film keep going

  3. Before watching the movie I read the comments in order to know about the film. Is thi realy a good movie or not. So that my doesn't waste …did anyone else do this☺

  4. Me reading the comments first before watching the movie😂

  5. they need a part two with evie and her friends in the real world.

  6. Terrible movie just f… Terrible, 1/10
    And still to much, don't understand what a hall scenario write, try to say with story as this just ridiculous , , how even some body spend money to , put it on the screen,

  7. For those people who is wondering if this movie is worth to watch. YES IT IS!!! If you like Narnia or Bridge to Terabithia kinds of movie then yes this movie is 100% for you

  8. Jay Hanuman Jay Hanuman Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna

  9. Too dark….

  10. The kelpy needs to carry away that mean girl tgat said evie isnt special she is so mean she deserves to live with that big belly king

  11. Wow this is one of the best movie I have ever seen in my life
    I love it so much
    And the guy that always faints🥰🥰🥰

  12. Arghh benci banget sama iklan snack vidio -_-

  13. The movie is wonderful 🥰I wonder why it's not popular in the net😑

  14. came here because of jmo

  15. Extremely epic and really good.

  16. It's seems a lot of things to need to improve but this movie still funny and I can enjoy it

  17. Can I see this movie with my family???😅

  18. It was really amazing like a fairy tale

  19. The Stupidest Movie out there, bye!

  20. What kind of stupid movie is this?

  21. Such a great movie ! 🌌💖

  22. I always keep imagining things like this, and these kinda movies keeps my thoughts alive.

  23. I wish there was a second movie😢but going back to Albion with her dad too

  24. All movies need to be like this

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