EXISTENCE (Short Film, Sci-fi, drama)


Is life really what we make it?

A man is pulled out of his self induced comatose state

Starring – Brad Sarboukh and Kathie Masley
Writer / director/ Producer – Karl Ryan Erikson
Cinematographer / Producer – Nicholas Pietroniro


  1. Great work as always!!!!!

  2. Wasn't sure what's going to happen next, really like the creativity..looking forward to seeing what twist you have for us next.

  3. I enjoyed this short film. The contrasts between the dream world and reality succeeded in setting the stage perfectly for the male lead -who did an excellent job. The dark plot is engaging, insightful and well articulated.

  4. Interesting concept. The film looks great.

  5. Wow!! What a great tonal shift. Thought provoking storyline, I wanted more.

  6. Gorgeous colour grading on the hospital shots.

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