EXISTENCE – A man awakens after a self induced comatose state (Short Film, Sci-fi, drama)


Is life really what we make it?

A man is pulled out of his self induced comatose state

Starring – Brad Sarboukh and Kathie Masley
Writer / director/ Producer – Karl Ryan Erikson
Cinematographer / Producer – Nicholas Pietroniro

The world is a screwy place – natural disasters, political corruption, unchecked pharmaceutical experimental drugs, mental health in decline… who’s to blame? Who will fix it? How will you escape?


  1. Great work as always!!!!!

  2. Wasn't sure what's going to happen next, really like the creativity..looking forward to seeing what twist you have for us next.

  3. I enjoyed this short film. The contrasts between the dream world and reality succeeded in setting the stage perfectly for the male lead -who did an excellent job. The dark plot is engaging, insightful and well articulated.

  4. Interesting concept. The film looks great.

  5. Wow!! What a great tonal shift. Thought provoking storyline, I wanted more.

  6. Gorgeous colour grading on the hospital shots.

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