Excellent Comedy Drama Movie 2019 English Hollywood Full Length Film


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  1. Please reload this movie because the delay in audio to the video is not in sink.Reminded my of old Asia movies couldn’t watch them back then also. P.S. we would be great full!

  2. Lordy..started to be good until the voices didn't match up with the mouth movements

  3. Sound is out of sink and the music is too loud. Spoilt what could’ve been a good film.

  4. Does anyone know the NAME of this movie?! Thanks!

  5. That was so relatable for me it was scary. Funny, quirky & heart warming, I luvd it….

  6. DON'T DOWNLOAD THEE if you can't sync😡😡😡😡😡 the sound. UGGGHHHH!!!!

  7. For all who commented this was so funny, where’s the laughable part🙄🙄

  8. what's with the too loud bad music wow lost

  9. The sound goes out of sync.

  10. I watched 20 minutes but it was so tedious and pretentious I couldn't continue.

  11. My mom was an extra in this movie

  12. A lousy title, but an amazing movie, so deeply perceptive to the troubles of a true creative personality, and it did not scrape the surface. Terrific acting. I haven't seen a performance like this since Glenda Jackson. Cate Blanchett is truly amazing, and Billy Crudup is right there with her, everything is exactly on target, where it needs to be. And the daughter is right there, too.

  13. Elgin is the one who needs therapy!

  14. Isn't it nice how Apple works its logo into movies as advertising? NO.

  15. sound out of sync. too bad because it is an enjoyable film.

  16. Entertaining, captivating. Wonderful character development and Blanchett’s character is someone that you don’t want to take your eyes off of,

  17. She looks like Sandra Bullock!

  18. The mother sounds so much like cruel de'vil

  19. Ugh…typical liberal feminist theme: Oh, the wounded genius, her magnum opus house gets destroyed by a parking lot builder, so EVERYONE-husband, daughter, neighbors-must suffer while she regresses into a self-centered mental tantrum that lasts for years during which she almost completely ruins her family's finances and safety. But then somehow its the husband's fault that she "stopped creating". "I failed your Mom"… oh, gag me with a spoon. Of course it has to end with deluded daughter hero worshiping her mother as she treats her father like crap (how dare he work so hard and keep them in that luxurious lifestyle that allowed Mommie Dearest to indulge in self-absorption). So typical of family dynamics-the decent parent catches sh*t while the neglectful, selfish parent is the one everyone is constantly trying to please. After taking off for Antarctica, it doesn't take her long at all to forget about her family and dive into an opportunity to immerse herself in her "art". If it weren't for the husband and daughter tracking her down, she'd have been happy to dump them.

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