Excellent Comedy Drama Movie 2019 English Hollywood Full Length Film


  1. Thank you for this 🙏🙏👏🤍

  2. Amazing movie but why the voice delay …errrrr….

  3. What a pity the soundtrack and picture are not synced!

  4. At the beggining I thought she was Kate Blanchet

  5. Read the book…..you'll love it too.

  6. sprayed blackberry for years, only thing to use DUPONT ESCORT IN AUTUMN

  7. Loved this! ✌️♥️🙏 Kate Blanchet (so),I love her acting skills!!!!

  8. Timing is off on this video and loses sound occasionally.

  9. 21:30 Now…, Everything is…ergh…!

  10. The definition of TRASH!

  11. The most beautiful closing ✨💞🐧🐧💖🙏🏻✨

  12. So, name of movie? Thanks

  13. Sound isn't going with film

  14. are we calling every movie made under the sun comedy now? Because this wasn`t a comedy the first 30 mins I watched. it seems ok movie for a FEMALE architect, but there wasn`t A SINGLE JOKE in the first third of it. American actors, Russian writing, no subtitles and delayed audio. I`ll skip the rest.

  15. The background music is ruining a lovely movie…what is going on????

  16. Audio is out of sync and "music" is overlay-ed so you can hardly hear them speaking. Apart from that, it might be a good movie!

  17. Such a great movie.. I totally loved it♡

  18. So, weird is just fine of many English words which don't follow the "I before E except after C" rule. Another is the word "ancient." Hang in there.

  19. Soooo boring, I just asleep after 26 minutes

  20. a soppy movie with perfect looking people.

  21. It is not a comedy, great movie.

  22. Watching and almost at the end it would have been great if the audio and the action matched up.

  23. 32.50…… lol kenyan pop song. These americans

  24. The beginning was good, but it turned into a sappy farce.

  25. The voices do not match the lip movements. The lips move slower than the voices by few seconds. Otherwise, this movie would of been great.

  26. whats this movie called?

  27. It was ok. It was a good movie.

  28. 01:42 wow. I see why the universe bright me here.

  29. Hii friens,suport my sister chanel

  30. its called in sync ,,, this movie is not. if you dont like Japanese lip moving, this film is not for you. nothing here to see actually its annoying .

  31. I'm like whoo! Hold on is every video I'm watching isn't or it's audio wacky off 😂 after watching this with it off audio. LMAO i was waiting for her to turn into hella for the rest of the movie.

  32. Just your average fam, where they can take off for a month on a tremendously expensive vacation. No problem getting off work, skipping a few weeks income, etc.

  33. This actress Kate Blanchett,Where’dYou Go Bernadette is the name of this movie,is funny,he lively dog is Ice Cream cute name

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