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Check out the official Everybody’s Talking About Jamie Trailer starring Max Harwood! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: February 26, 2021
Starring: Max Harwood, Lauren Patel, Richard E. Grant
Directed By: Jonathan Butterell
Synopsis: A gay teenager aspires to become a drag queen.

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  1. Dear Hollywood please Stop encouraging young minds to live an alternative lifestyle

  2. Aroha here 🙋‍♀️ hehe

  3. I'm sorry, but when I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was laganga estranga

  4. I can't wait for the mid-credits sequence in which he reads to children in a public library wearing Tim Curry's Legend make-up.

  5. YES this looks amazing and so true to Jamie's original story and the stage show!

  6. 30 seconds, aaaaaaaand I'm out. 😨

  7. Saw the original musical in London a couple of years ago. Beautiful story of love and acceptance.

  8. this looks like so much fun i can't wait

  9. White Little Richard …….

  10. Looks like Draco Malfoy if he was a drag queen

  11. This looks pretty good, I’m gonna see it

  12. wow this looks great and epic I can't wait to see it

  13. I honestly thought it was the story of James Charles. Midway on the trailer, I figured out that it wasn't. Tbh, it sounds inspiring to the point of "be who you want to be and be happy". That part of "stop waiting for permission to be you" slapped me in the face harder than when Davie 504 slaps his bass. Hell of a line, man.

  14. words cannot DESCRIBE how excited i am for this

  15. "I don't have as many dresses as you do" is currently my favourite line in a film. :oD

  16. And there goes another attempt to include homosexuality in Islam…

  17. I’ve seen the west end show/musical and it’s amazinggg so hopefully the films as good ☺️x

  18. I that was a girl in the thumb nail. Begin to watch trail. Uhhh, that's why. SKIP!

  19. We all love a Muslim ally ❤️

  20. We all love a Muslim ally ❤️

  21. I guess no matter if its COVID, the quota for movies representing transgenderism must be fulfilled all the same

  22. How many money do u eant losse?
    This movie:yes

  23. still love that line i dont have as many dresses as you do great one liner

  24. This should be a great musical…. and a beautiful story

  25. This actually looks like a great adaptation!

  26. What happened to the mixed race Jamie?

  27. It's like Billy Elliot but poorly done.

  28. Omg I this look so good wish I was in it

  29. Ñordaco is coming, quien paga este circo ?

  30. not gonna watch it, but it looks good 🙂

  31. Look at his looks, pure devil rise from hell coming to demorolise human beings

  32. Seen this live twice and I guess I now have to watch it a third time 🤷🏾‍♀️🥳

  33. I haven't seen the musical but I'll definitely listen to it well we all know that 2021 is going to be a great year for all us theatre kids 1st in the higets now everyone is talking about Jamie sigh me up

  34. Watch this movie get .00 ratings. New record!! Cuz it sucks!!

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