Evangelia – Fotiá (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Jason Lester
Produced by Laura Burhenn for Our Secret Handshake

Creative Director: Edelawit Hussien
Cinematographer: Gus Bendinelli
Choreographer: Rob Bynes
Assistant Choreographer: Triana Steward
Acting Coach: Mike Taveira
Steadicam: James Marin
1st AC: Q Rodriguez
Production Design: Kelly Fondry
Chief Lighting Tech: Ryan Oppedisano
DMX Board Op: Gigi Pedron
Key Grip: Kaleb Blakey
Swing Grips: Patrick Lynch & Jenny Leavitt
Hair: Amber Duarte
Make-Up: Kasha Lassien
Stylist: Shalev Lavan
Style Assistant: Arlen Varela
Art Assistants: Cameron Boyce & Robert Ziemer
BTS: Michael Tyrone Delaney

Edited by Jason Lester

Shot on Kodak film
16mm Processing & Scan by Fotokem

Songwriters: Evangelia, Jay Stolar & Alexis Troy
Producers: Jay Stolar, Alexis Troy & Jon Buscema

Executive Production: Jay Stolar
Artist Management: Raw Emotions
Day to Day Management/Head of Operations: Sterling Champion
For Sony Germany: Mai Bui
Video Commissioner: Jori Teplitzky
Director’s Rep: Emily Sanders for Reveur




Is it the way you speak?
The way that you look at me?
How’d you get my attention?

It’s not what I’m looking for
Just cause we’re on the floor
Don’t get the wrong impression

Φωτιά μες στα μάτια σου (fire in your eyes)
It’s all in the way that we move
I know that you feel it too
Φωτιά μες στα μάτια σου (fire in your eyes)
I promised I’d never give in
But something is different

My heart is tripping on a wire
Catch myself falling in the fire
Don’t wanna let you know
Don’t wanna lose control

Wild thoughts keep coming and I hide em
Body’s living in denial
Don’t wanna let you go
I’m gonna lose control

I’m gonna lose control x4

What if I let you in?
What if I start again?
What if it leaves me broken?

I wanna jump in the water
Fall even farther
let you see all of me, all of me

#Fotiá #Evangelia


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  1. evanglia for greece 2023 please evanglia for greece 2023 please 😍♥

  2. Evangelia for Greece 2023 please 🇬🇷🔥😍

  3. Topping it off with spice in the end makes all the difference.

  4. love from Armenia 🇦🇲🫶🏼🇬🇷

  5. pls αυτή η κοπέλα πρέπει να πάει eurovision

  6. Me encanta Evangelia! Saludos de México 🇲🇽. No olvides escuchar "Pa eso se hizo – Kim Loaiza 🎶

  7. Evangelìa amazing song!!! FOTIÀ!!!

  8. You should make a song with the singer Abir, she’s also Mediterranean and has the same style.😍🙌🏽

  9. Kızın güzel sesi var ben çok sevdim metro FM de dinledim burdan yine dinliyorum bitiyor tekrar tekrar dinliyorum 👏👏👏👍🌟 bu arada müzikte güzel

  10. I have heard that she might compete on Eurovision

  11. We want her in eurovision with this kind of song. Bring the Greek vibe back again!!!🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  12. The piece is beautiful but that clip is really disgusting. Why can't you shoot a better quality clip? For example, a normal and not abnormal clip

  13. ❤👑0:46👑❤ Fotiá❤
    Fallin' in the fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Deborah de luca brought me here and im definitely stayin


  16. Το γιατι Ερτ και Ρικ δεν εστειλαν αυτη την κοπελα Eurovision με τετοιο στυλ κομματι, ας τους δει ενας Γιατρος….

  17. Σταματήστε να λέτε "Να πας του χρόνου Eurovision". Δεν είναι το παν η Eurovision, ένα στημένο πανηγύρι που αν δεν τα πας καλά είτε σε performance, είτε σε βαθμολογία θα πέσουν να σε φάνε!

  18. Gorgeous and Erotic!!Great as the Greek Version too,With Goddess Eleni Fureira!!!

  19. Κάποιος να μου εξηγήσει ποιος αποφάσισε ότι αυτό το τραγούδι είναι εκτός Eurovision . Κάθε χρόνο μόνο αηδίες εκπροσωπούν την Ελλάδα ,ποιος ψηφίζει για αυτά τα τραγούδια; Γιατί είναι εκτός Eurovision αυτό το τραγούδι; ΕΛΕΟΣ

  20. Τι θα γίνει? θα της πει κανείς να πάει Eurovision η κοπέλα?
    Αν πάει και με Φουρέιρα θα θα γίνει πανικός.

  21. και εσεις στειλατε την ανδρομαχη

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