Europe – The Final Countdown (Official Video)

“The Final Countdown” by Europe
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It’s the final countdown
The final countdown

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  1. If you’re watching this in 2030 you’re cool

  2. If you are driving a car and it's an empty highway and this song plays no one would be able to drive at slow speed I can tell

  3. I'am from malaysian and i like this song

  4. To the people who disliked this song: Explain why you hate it.

    answer me cowards

  5. You didn't recommend me this …y I hate u tube 😥

  6. Day 2 of listening to this song for a decade

  7. Pena que não conciga cantar com essa mesma potencia atualmente.. muito bom este som.. ficou na história.

  8. رووووووووووعة أحبها

  9. AMC! It’s the final countdown! Buy and Hodl

  10. Congratulations 🎈 on 35 years, wow 😳

  11. I'm training hard right now in a state of emergency due to Covid…but rocking this tune i forget all the problems

  12. 30 minutes left rn in this 4 hour class. It’s on

  13. My tito is favorite song rip tito morgan

  14. I love this song I’m from iraq and i wish I had a chance to live in USA 🇺🇸

  15. Som feito para ser apreciado todos os dias

  16. i have never hate a singer like him…today i think is don't show his "hugly" face.

  17. Old music is better than new music

  18. I watch this almost everyday 👌🏼

  19. I am in love with this song.. From India..
    O by the way we also have Hindi version (duplicate music) of this song..

  20. Really final countdown is running on human beings now-a-days

  21. I hate to say this but when ever I hear this song I think of metal gear solid man I love this song and gam snake for life-'xx

  22. Где же сейчас эти красавцы и талантливые ребята?Помните и у нас в последние годы Советов вышла группа "Русские" похожие на этуи неплохо пели

  23. There are three things I'll never understand:

    2): Mathematics
    1): The people who dislike this song

  24. Hey you !!!👋👋
    Who just came here to listen:- it's the final braincellllllll

  25. Song and music good ♦️♦️♦️

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