Escape From Stalin’s Death Camp | Full Action Movie

Escape From Stalin’s Death Camp (2017). Full horror movie.

Based on a true story, a commander is jailed in Josef Stalinโ€™s Gulag in 1947. The prisoners then plot the first uprising and escape in Soviet history.

Director: Zaza Buadze
Cast: Mykola Bereza, Oleg Shulga, Aleksandr Mavrits

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  1. It's a total lack of judgment to put commercials every 4 minutes in a two hours long movie. I gave up after 18 minutes.

  2. Mediatime Network . you greedy Ahole. You put up a sorry movie and then add so many ads that we wind up watching more ads than movie. I understand that you need some ads to make it worth your time to upload movies. But this is WAYYYY too much.

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  4. At the ten (10) minute mark I've already suffered five ads. An ad every two minutes is a bit much. If this rate doesn't get better I won't be watching til the end.

  5. Putin is dreaming about that time. Him do everything to make USSR 2!

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