Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven (Official Video)

“Tears in Heaven” is a ballad written by Eric Clapton and Will Jennings about the pain Clapton felt following the death of his four-year-old son, Conor, who fell from a window of the 53rd-floor New York apartment of his mother’s friend, on March 20, 1991. Clapton, who arrived at the apartment shortly after the accident, was visibly distraught for months afterwards. This song is one of Clapton’s most successful, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the U.S. The song also spent three weeks at #1 on the American adult contemporary chart in 1992.


  1. I cry everytume because I use to listen to this song after my meme died of cancer after that cried for 10 months straight

  2. I had a still born son. I had been to hospital for days in labour but was told I couldn't be. My son was just like my other. Everything there but wasnt breathing. Wont leave my head or heart ever xx

  3. Descansem em paz meus eternos amigos nos braços do pai eterno

  4. Thinking of my special little son Cian. He passed away in 2015 aged 4 years old. His little brother is named Conor, unfortunately they never got to meet as Conor was born in 2017. Conor is now 4. It's such a coincidence that I named my little boy Conor as this song was for Eric's son Conor and I was unaware of that. Such a beautiful song. I listen to it alot. I miss my beautiful little Cian so much ❤

  5. I just got the news that my friend Leticia was killed, rest in peace my angel, I love you so much, I just wanted to tell you in life how much.

  6. Love this song so sad, 💕

  7. J Cole introduced this to me

  8. All the love in the world to those with pain in their hearts ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Hopefully one day when we meet in heaven, you can still remember my name. I miss you so much, grandmother.

  10. My Boyfriend died April 21.2021 his last words to me were he “loved me “ I’m so hurt and awkwardly still worried about him . I miss you John Cross Luv Always
    Your Girl Kita

  11. My dad died due to covid-19 on 2021-04-24 at 64. I had not seen him in 2 years due to the pandemic. I miss you Dad and love you so much, and wish i could have given you more happy memories

  12. One of my cousins I haven’t seen in a few years was killed in a motorcycle accident about a year ago, and it’s just so sad as to how accurate the lyrics are gonna be 😢

  13. Stop moping around and rally to me and repent

  14. I miss you David.
    Beyond the door
    There’s peace I’m sure..

  15. I lost my son few days ago i miss him so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. This Cd was stolen twice out of my home , it just means that this song is extra special.

  17. This song is very nice.👌☺️

  18. Just lost my son 2 weeks ago, he only lived 13 hours in the world. And I miss him so much, wish I could kiss and hug him longer. Please pray for him in heaven🙏🙏😥💐

  19. This was my dads favorite artist. He passed away from cancer this past august. This song hits me so different now.

  20. What movie is this. I need to cry.

  21. Did he write a song Holy Mother and sung with Pavoratii

  22. Rest in power and peace to my auntie ellie who passed on today ✨✨

  23. I played this at my dads funeral. He passed October 27th 2019. He died of a suicide and it still devastating to me today. I can remember him playing eric clapton when I was very little. Guys stay true to your marriage and if your going to be unfaithful then just leave them. An affair killed my dad. I LOVE AND MISS YOU DADDY. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.

  24. This song came out the day my father passed still hard to listen to

  25. The pastor played this for my daughter she was only 6😭

  26. This song i am 15 years old. 2010.. i m very very very love this song.. 🥺🥺

  27. my grandma is at the hospital right now… she's been through a lot and finally when she got new lungs we all thought it'd be a new start, but eventually shit got in the fan. medications didn't work and now they've already planned her funeral with her, they're just waiting to make the official decision in the next few days.

  28. I lost my grandmother to a medical error.

    it's been 40 days, but I still can't imagine going to my hometown for the 3rd time without seeing her say hello, meet me, and kiss me in front of the house.

  29. Quién en 2021 buena canción que buena letra!!!!!

  30. There was one uncle who said I can be the best but God takes him away too.. that's how bad I am.

  31. Please join suicide greif and depression support group with biju Sebastian

  32. Eric lost his son Conor, but this song is so wonderful and sad!

  33. Me hace llorar siempre y pienso en mis hijos pero ya no temo porque confío en mi Cristo con el cual pasaremos la eternidad por su bondad y misericordia.

  34. I just lost my mom due to covid at age 77 on April 29, 2021 and this song is my comfort now. I miss my mom so much :'-(

  35. Who’s here because of J Cole?

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