(English Subtitles) Korean Romantic Movie 2019

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(English Subtitles) Korean Romance Movie 2019


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  1. whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyywhich is which..?boys are like gils…and they wear much make up than girls whyyyyyyyyyyy?

  2. The title is loving for spring

  3. This movie is so sweet!!! 100% recommended!

  4. Beautiful story! Beautiful actor & actress!

  5. Korean movies so good…. Love from india

  6. omg who's that guy 😍 i love the way he smile💖

  7. Lee won geun..😍😍
    Watch also THUMPING STIKE 2(Short series) and CHEER UP (highschool drama)

  8. What a flower boy. Anyway guys don't even write what condition you are in or what year when you watch this movie, it's annoying, don't make the comment section as replacement of the calendar.

  9. May I know whats the real name of the leading actor?😍❤️ He's really cute😍😘

  10. That hiccups 😂😂😂 My Sweet Romance GirL., ❤️

  11. This movie reminds me of my bestfriend. I hope you are doing OK now.

  12. Watching due to quarantine 😀

  13. @golden world , please upload the remaining portion

  14. Lee has a beautiful smile, voice and facial. His girl is pretty. Love Korean movies and dramas with English subtitles. Thanks to the Person(Golden World) who shared this movie❤✌

  15. I'm in love with Lee woon geun, his eyes, his smile so beautiful

  16. At 3:49 doctor look like a j hope from the BTS😁

  17. Isn't she from my secret romance
    Lee yo mi (is this her name maybe no),🤔🤔🤔😌😌😌

  18. At 12:46 I thought it was a kiss but it was a bite 😅

  19. I was crush for him and his smile face was so so cute

  20. Awesome movie….. But if i wanna watch again i don't know what is the title

  21. What is the title of this movie..??

  22. He look so handsome.. I think im in love with him…
    His eyes.
    Lips. Voice.. Shape of the face was totally perfect for me….

  23. 🌹🌹🌹💝💝💝😊

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