English Christian Movie “I Am a Good Person!” | What Is a Truly Good Person? (Full Movie)

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English Christian Movie “I Am a Good Person!” | What Is a Truly Good Person? (Full Movie)

Yang Huixin, a Christian, has loved being a good person since she was little. She doesn’t like to offend others. She believes herself to be a good person because she is kind and agreeable with others. But only after she accepts God’s gospel of the last days and undergoes the judgment and chastisement of God’s words does she have an awakening, and realize that she’s not a true good person. Rather, she lives based on satanic philosophies, and is a very selfish, cunning “nice guy.” She resolves in her heart to seek the truth and become a good person who is honest and upright…. What experiences did Yang Huixin go through that allowed her to undergo such a transformation?

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  1. May 💛God❤ Be 💜With💙 Everyone 💛Always❤ Much💜 Love Blessings 💚Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💜💜💛💛💛💛❤❤💜💜💜

  2. Peace 💙and 💛Blessings💜 Too My Brothers ❤and💛 My💜 sisters 💚May ❤God💛 Bless💜 Everyone Always❤ May 💛God 💜Bless Everyone ❤Richly💛 with💚 everything 💙they💜 need💚 Always Much ❤Love 💛Blessings💚 Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💚💜💛🧡🧡🧡💯💯💖💜💖💜

  3. One of the my favorite movie this movie provide u how to develope yourself overall gracefull movies

  4. a good person means not being good with everyone but being a honest person, thanks for the words of God and video

  5. I'm so thankful for everything GOD blessed me with. May GOD give us the courage to stand strong in faith Amen HALLELUJAH glory to God 💜

  6. I am not a Christiana but I would love to seek the truth

  7. Wonderful movie I have ever watched! Real meaning of Humanity is Righteousness/ Pleasure can only leads us towards misery and miss guidance.

  8. I learn a lot from this movie 🎥 it's so powerful, and life changing!! God bless you more


  10. Waw beautyfull i been lurn someting here .thank you Lord God

  11. Is this really that dangerous in china to have a believe in real god

  12. what we movie . huh i want more movie like that but with Indian (people)
    thanks alot

  13. it would be great to put the words of god in language of Burundi or Rwanda.

  14. This movie helped me regarding a situation in my life which I need to deal with. I was going to leave it alone but I realised I need to deal with it. You can easily think that you are doing the right thing by keeping silent but the truth needs to come out.

  15. All the these movies make me hate the devil even more then before, the CCP are so discourteous

  16. This is really happening in China. May God be with them. Thank God. Amen.

  17. This Movie is Benefitted me to be please GOD and to work Honestly for GOD thank you team for this Effort

  18. Wanderful story I like it

  19. What book are they reading out of learning these lessons?

  20. I used to believe in fellowship with other people to build up my faith, but that was all just a big disappointment. I learned that many people are fake friends and fake Christian. I don’t need them, all I need is time with God alone. He knows my problems and he is always with me. Whenever I am lost I pray and everything is seems to be okay. I am closer to God getting to know him myself.

  21. No matter what religious we are.we must still believes ,obey And have faith in God..

  22. Thenk you God 🙏🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌👏👍👍👏👍💒💡

  23. thank God. This movie truly is a blessing. Amen.

  24. Thank God. May God be with you. Amen.

  25. This Movie truly is a blessing. Thank God very much. Amen.

  26. This is the perfect movie for people who think that iam a good person

  27. This movie sees the CCP as the enemy of believers in God. I have also seen the government arrest and beat Christians in China before.

  28. This Movie truly is a blessing everyone. Thank God. Amen.

  29. Thanks to almighty God, watching this video I learn so much, being a good person is not flowing among people without problem nor maintaining your status, it's more of than being that,I understand it's having clear conscience and being righteous and having the fear of God rather than flowing with people which is same as flowing with sin, please Almighty God save me from evils in me🙏😢


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