1. A lot of people are still listening!

  2. Still here 2021 over a Billion views on his own channel ✌🏽 OG STILL STANDS!

  3. I could listen to this all day

  4. The best should be determined by album sales or # 1 song? How to tell?

  5. I'm doing great. First one in my family to own a house….moved 90 min north. How do I keep my daughter from seeing the life I had to live? Find the motivation to not settle here and fight harder for her to have better.

  6. I watched this same video 13 years ago

  7. This song is and forever will be absolutely LEGENDARY!!!

  8. Rest in peace britney Murphy life cut short

  9. Best message! Best lyricist in rap, EVERRRR…. Sorry, argue amongst yourselves. My opinion and it ain't gonna change!… Outside of DMX's prayers of course. Top two!

  10. Sheesh he got the drip

  11. If you are listening to this in 2021 your a real legend

  12. Rap culture is like mountains
    Black everywhere but white on the top

  13. 2021 still love this song

  14. If you're still listening this in 2021 u are a legend

  15. Why isn't this MV posted officially on YouTube tho

  16. 2021, There are anyone?

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