Elephant Tree – Sails (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Video by: Kalina Pulit [https://vimeo.com/kalinapulit]


so long
don’t leave me alone alone alone alone
sail on
without me
don’t leave me alone alone alone alone

not gone
with me
to stay
just lost
a world away
another place
another plane

show no
i’d do it again again again again
hold on
hold on
i’d do it again again again again

you look like the other one
you say things only i know


  1. holidays in the sun at home

  2. I needed this song in my life so bad. It's like what I wanted MUSE to sound like if they followed their heavier influences. Keep that sweet, sweet Doom just right there chugging along with sprinkles of psych and post-rock…and even pop(!?!?!). On paper that just shouldn't work. But you guys kill it!!!

  3. Listening to this unreligously for a while now, hope this band keeps making songs at this quality

  4. Was listening to this song all last summer. I'm listening to it still. Amazing group! I think I might be reading too much into the lyrics. Anyone want to take a gander at interpreting them?

  5. Discovered you through spotify and been playing this album all throughout 2020.. love it!

  6. This song is so epic. I feel it deserves a better video though. Just cause it's so great.

  7. This song needs more attention! Love it!

  8. this is the best thing i have heard in a long time

  9. You guys have been the best musical discovery of 2020 for me, thank you for your music! This song is a real stand out, the harmonies and heavy riffs, just love it. Can't wait for this to all be over and I can see you on tour!

  10. Between this album and the new All Them Witches album, 2020 isn't the complete shit show it could have been. Ya'll slay.

  11. Top tier stuff. Love it.

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