DYING TO BE A CHEERLEADER Trailer (2020) Thriller Movie

DYING TO BE A CHEERLEADER Trailer (2020) Thriller Movie
漏 2020 – MarVista Entertainment


  1. Movie is crazy just watch it 馃槼馃槼馃槼

  2. Its on a website called soap2day
    I watched it ages ago, thank me laterrrr

  3. This looks stupid, and they showed us who the culprit was in the trailer.

  4. Yeah someone just left film school

  5. bumping into the hot jock with a sensitive side who鈥檚 girlfriend happens to be the most popular cheerleader

    mom pushing the main character to be a cheerleader

    Never seen that before in my life!! So unpredictable!! I can鈥檛 wait to see it

  6. Im surprised they didnt reveal the killer's name in the title

  7. The guy at 1:27 looks like a ypunger cilian murphy or am I delusional

  8. Saw this already on lmn…good movie

  9. "I'm a teenager, and my bulls#/+ is something you're supposed to care about!" It four years, then you're done and no one cares, not even you.

  10. "Dying to be a cheerleader".
    That's a little bit extreme, no? 馃檮

  11. Not only did it look extremely low budget… they gave away the girl actually responsible… in the trailer.

  12. Thanks! Just saw the whole movie.

  13. Name is already a giveaway that it is going to be a hallmark type movie. The trailer is sufficient to get the whole plot

  14. and they all died in the end 馃憦

  15. Darcy appears to already be an Amazon

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