1. Come mek mi tell yuh bout di sources of fiber
    Grab a chair an listen to deh vibes yah.
    From yuh plants yuh get yuh natural fibres,
    Cotton is jus one of the major
    Check di flax plant if yuh want some Linen
    Let's move on cause dis a jus di beginning
    From sheep an silkworm yuh get yuh cotton and silk
    Mohair an cashmere fibres from which animal yuh think? Goat!
    Next a Fibres from minerals, but dis a nuh di last
    Graphite, Asbestos and also glass
    Suh mi tell yuh bout fibres from plants, animals and minerals
    Next a man-made fibre, an dis come from various chemicals
    On do list yuh have acrylic, nylon and polyester
    Use fi mek everyday clothes, yes sah.
    Mi a go put a end to deh vibe yah
    But first mek mi give yuh a quick reminder,
    Get yuh fibres from plants, animals man-made or minerals

  2. this beat is the best I use the beat for almost all my dub-poems. thank you uploading this!

  3. My little sister would have a bad grade thanks

  4. Thank you for uploading this beat!

  5. The attempt failed, as encomenderos ignored the laws and revolted against any attempt to weaken
    their power of the their laborers.

  6. I love this beat I literally use it for all my originals 😍

  7. like and subscribe is the only thanks i need i am glad i can help you guys

  8. Thank you soo much using this for my Sba presentation, you saved me

  9. I love this beat I am a poet am I love this beat everyone of my poems I use this beat no other one

  10. I love this beat, could I use it on a poem?

  11. tysm if it wasn't for this music i would have gotten a bad grade

  12. You saved me for story telling night dude thanks !

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