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Downsizing – Entering the Vault: Paul (Matt Damon) enters the Norwegian doomsday vault.

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Mild-mannered therapist Paul Safranek and his wife, Audrey, decide to undergo a process in which scientists shrink people down to miniature size to live in small communities. The irreversible procedure allows the people to gain wealth and a life of leisure while helping to cut down on the consumption of natural resources. As Paul gets to know his new neighbors and surroundings, he soon learns that living in a tiny suburb comes with its own set of huge problems.

TM & © Paramount Pictures (2017)
Cast: Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, Matt Damon, Udo Kier
Director: Alexander Payne
Screenwriter: Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor

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  1. Hey! If you are seeing this, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you! He loves you so much that He died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead so that you could be saved from sin and the wrath of God! This is the Gospel; you can be saved from God’s wrath and hell if you believe and trust in Jesus! God Bless you all!

  2. one of the best movies i have ever seen

  3. This movie had so much potential but the directors probably made this while they were high

  4. The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957 did a much better job with the shrinking thing because they showed him next to regular-sized people and animals, etc. In this everyone looks normal because there is little contrast with regular-sized things.

  5. One of the worst movies ever 👎🏻

  6. I haven’t seen the movie but read the plot summary on wiki so can someone explain why only Matt Damon’s character decided to go down the vault? Why wouldn’t the other characters go too if the world was ending? Does the world end up not ending or something?

  7. main reason why he didnt go to the vault like he did beginning in the movie
    his wife is the real villain and he was blinding following her
    but paul found the right person to be with unlike his ex wife

  8. Anybody else watching 20 movies a day in this fashion? I need help.

  9. The first half was so good. The 2nd half was horrible. This movie is so bad

  10. Jesus. I guess I'll have to watch the whole damned thing some day just so I can figure out what the hell the vault is.

  11. Bruh. The explosion at the end. I'm deceased. Lmfao.

  12. Lmao imagine there’s a whole civilization of before the 2000s century and there just small lol hidden somewhere like this 💀

  13. Yea this movie had way too much going on

  14. Stupid premises, if you follow the premise, the smarties bury themselves in an underground vault… that's opening will soon be under 300 feet of water. And the shrinkies have turned themselves from apex predator to prey for every animal larger than a NYC rat.

  15. Just realized what would happen if a tsunami or earth quake happened?

  16. They could have just rolled down the hall.. walking is inefficient.

  17. I’m sorry, a love what now?🤣

  18. Going underground walking for 11 hours at their size is somethings like just over 2 miles. That doesn't seem to be very far.

  19. Then that man took every remaining animal and bought a zoo…

  20. Matt Damon had to be pretty desperate for a paycheck to agree to do this flick.

  21. The the army ants found them. The end

  22. wait so why did the world end again

  23. Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  24. Here is what is happening: the main guy (paul) finds out humans are going to go extinct from unstoppable methane emissions from the arctic. He is invited into a vault in a mountain that is suppose to lock away and keep safe a group of humans. He chooses to go into the vault to save his life, but at last minute changes his mind and returns to his friends on the outside to help out in humanitarian aid with the time they have left (the asian lady is a political activist) The "explosion" is to seal the vault door shut with everyone inside.

  25. I have no clue what’s happening. Can someone tell me why they’re in a vault?

  26. Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

  27. I love the alarm sounding and the cover being taken, then the world's most underwhelming demolition. Hysterical!

  28. He left his baggage at the door. Symbolic

  29. Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

  30. That explosion at the end

  31. Just finished watching all 10 scenes………

    Wtf is this even about?

  32. This is probably one of the stupidest premises I've ever seen for a movie….

  33. The problem with the movie was that one could easily forget that they were small , which is what everyone thought the movie would be about.

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