Double Cross | FULL MOVIE | 2006 | Drama, Thriller

Double Cross full movie
Two women jokingly agree to kill each others’ husbands. Then one really does and blackmails the other into killing her own.

Directed by George Erschbamer
Starring Yancy Butler, Bruce Boxleitner, Laura Soltis

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  1. Once they cheat it's hard to trust them 100% again. I see why she suspected him.

  2. Mahima Chaudhary Cathy's look alike. and I love watching her all the time.❤️☺️

  3. The ending has been totally botched up. The director could have played it more credibly and logically. It appears as though they were in a hurry to finish and ran out of ideas. Otherwise, it is a good watch.

  4. Worth the watch great movie I was glued and great actors

  5. This remake a film noir from the 1950s British movie when two friend agree after getting drink to kill their wives but one goes and do it then blackmails other husband to force him to murder his wife.( How to Murder Your Wife)

  6. 1:22:17 Why didn't she take that camera? So stupid.

  7. She could’ve made herself look guilty by asking her why did she record the conversation.? Which is odd.

  8. silly acting and silly story

  9. Cathy held well until the last minutes and did not plan nor respond well.

  10. Cheryl reminds me of Amy Yasbeck.

  11. When someone continue to plan a murder even when you dismiss it as just a tease , pay attention'.She could have prevented her husbands death. Kinda messy'

  12. My heart is pumping..i can not do crimes for living..hahahahaha
    Very nice indeed💝

  13. Omg I’ve been looking for this movie for so many years. It’s so underrated. Thank you very much for posting this!!!

  14. STUPID MOVIE. kEEPS ON REFUSING LEGAL ADVISE. Can't get over the stupidity of this movie

  15. Kathy was the one who instigated it all to Cheryl..then she lies to her lawyer friend saying it was Cheryl's idea's..

  16. Had she got the police involved earlier, it would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. And James would have married his motel whore.

  17. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!! I sure liked this movie.

  18. Kathy was getting on my nerves the entire time, but the ending was okay

  19. Crazy chick..ya she would be done In my book

  20. Lots of problems with this movie plot, but it was still exciting to watch.

  21. I can’t believe her own lawyer to go along with her client |friend to trespass a house of this vindictive woman!!!

  22. How many times in 4 or 5 sentences can one of the wives say “honey.”

  23. I think I'd be taken my cat EVERYWHERE I went…

  24. Nice movie very entertaining but I think that Kathy was a fool to not listen to the advice of her lawyer and friend Susan, James life could have been saved, his death was utterly unnecessary 😏

  25. I dont know this Movie is Beyond Me???

  26. I would call this a thriller!


  28. Cathy's voice and body language gets on my nerves so bad.
    The way her mouth turns down at the corners stretches her whole face out of proportion so that it looks oblong

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