Doja Cat – Say So (Official Video)

Hot Pink out now!

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Director: Hannah Lux Davis @hannahluxdavis
Executive Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio @bbonfiglio
Commissioner: Sam Houston @samhoustonishere
Choreographer: Cortland Brown @fulloutcortland
Production Company: London Alley @londonalley
Cameos: @donte.colley and @yodelinghaley

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  1. Dojo is so cool!!! u know say so is my Favourite song!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  2. Ещё 78 миллионов и будет 500 миллионов

  3. Ещё 8 миллионов и будет 430 миллионов просмотров


  5. Não por nada , mas essa música sempre me passou uma vibe incrível véi . A melhor dela na minha opinião ❤️🔥

  6. Total Quarantine Song.. lol ahh 2020

  7. it doesn't matter if you don't like the doja, you can never say that her songs are not good, in my opinion her songs should be considered as hymns even because she is talented to fuck

  8. That rappin sounds like niki minaj ?

  9. Why u beating around the bush KNOWING U WANT ALL THIS W.O.M.A.N 🥂🍼🧁🏚

  10. This makes me memories of my cousin house, i really miss going to his house. Dang so much old memories

  11. Ngl I'm a 21 year old man, this is the kind of song I should despise, but it's actually so good. Already pretty nostalgic this track

  12. Hay Honolulu Hawaiian Punch Boy in the striped pajamas and a surf board with a wig !! Good Shit especially on a Hot Day in Texas Shiiiiiiiit!!

  13. Bu ses doja cat den nası çıkıyo

  14. Thanks loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. Классно. Помню, как два года назад, с друзьями услышали её по МУЗ-ТВ.

  16. I just remembered the time of the quarantine 😭😭

  17. I like her green dress so much. I'd like one too.

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