Doja Cat – Kiss Me More (Official Video) ft. SZA

Doja Cat // “Kiss Me More” ft. SZA
Out Now //
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“Kiss Me More” (Official Video)

Astronaut: Alex Landi

Director: Warren Fu
DP: Christopher Ripley
Executive Producer: Sara Nix
Producer: Whitney Jackson
Commissioner: Sam Houston
PM: Val Pensa
PM: Quinci Bryant
Label: RCA Records

Production Company: Partizan Entertainment
1st AD: Ev Salomon
Production Designer: John Richoux with Nomad Art + Design
Editor: Nick Rondeau at Work Editorial
Colorist: Matt Osborn at Company 3
Sound Mixing: Brandon Kim at Therapy Studios
VFX: Roman Bilichenko + Olga Petrishena at Digital Axis
and Jumanah Shaheen + Grant Miller + David Lebensfeld at Ingenuity Studios
Game Designer: Christopher Rodriguez
Director Reps: Nicole O’Connell + Beatriz Lopez at Hart Represents

Team Doja Cat
Management: Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, Gordan Dillard, Lydia Asrat, Josh Kaplan, Rachel Rowley
Creative Director / Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson
Tailor: Jesstia Usher
Stylist Assist: Kristin Ritchie + Samuel Wolfe
Hair: J Stay Ready
Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
Makeup Assist: Ivan Nunez
Nails: Saccia Livingston
Choreographer: Cortland Brown

Team SZA
Management: Terrence “Punch” Henderson, Roberto “retOne” Reyes, MeLisa Chanele
Stylist: Dianne Garcia, Alejandra Hernandez
Makeup: Ernesto Casillas
Hair: Randy Stodghill, Tevin Washington
Nails: Karen Jimenez

#dojacat #kissmemore #sza


  1. I don’t know why cuz the girls are beautiful and guys hot. This video could’ve styled, outfits and colors better. It’s poor to me lol. Loved the sza scene on her island. Only good shot on here.

  2. Can we talk about the SZA smile😍🥺😭

  3. what is the man's name?
    It's for a task

  4. Come to every detail

  5. chất vl chị ơi 🥰
    😍 i love this song so fucking much

  6. its funny if you sing it in toads voice

  7. Is that Zach Choi it kinda looks like him 😳

  8. SZA is so damn fine ❤️

  9. Bruh Doja cat and sza is hella fine

  10. Egyptian symbols made me understand what the video is about

  11. 1:18 soy a la única q este escenario le da unas súper ✨Libra Vibes✨♎???

  12. Lovet i love doja she is so butiful

  13. Only doja cat song that is actually good

  14. Just couldn't take my eyes off Sza. Damn gurlll

  15. The broad sink intraorally groan because judge oceanographically deceive throughout a previous tuna. hurt, screeching vacation

  16. Asian 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Give me a buck need that gucii stuf
    Push your limit no you ain’t enough👀👀👀👅👅#sza

  18. Doja is a whole package 💅🏼

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