Dog Jack (2010) | Full Movie | Louis Gossett Jr. | Benjamin Gardner | Frank Kasy

This is the story of a slave boy and his dog who escape the master’s plantation, join the Union Army, and have to face their former master on the battlefield. The story is inspired by the historical true-life adventures of the beloved mascot of the Pennsylvania 102nd, who was so prized by his regiment for his skills in battle, that he was twice exchanged for a Confederate prisoner of war.

Director: Edward T. McDougal
Writers: Florence Biros (novel), Edward T. McDougal (screenplay)
Stars: Louis Gossett Jr., Benjamin Gardner, Frank Kasy


  1. 1:28:27 something’s wrong with the audio

  2. The storyline was OK and Louis Gossett Jr.’s narration was the best part. The acting was stilted in unconvincing. It sounded like they were just reading their lines. The dog was the best actor of the bunch.

  3. It’s not the color of a persons skin that determines if he’s bad or good, it’s his values. There are good & bad in every race, creed, & color. It’s a crying shame that all humanity does not love the Lord & follow His commandments.

  4. The final message about not being able to see another persons colour should be the mantra of everyone. Sadly slavery is still going on around the world today. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

  5. This is so sad, how can humans treat their fellow humans like animals.

  6. 1st time watching the movie — 1 word to describe it — EMOTIONAL

  7. it makes me wondder if those young men wouldd have been singing battle cry of freedom if they had knowen what they would be facing or did they just sing it to lift their morale or spirits

  8. Wonderful movie against slavery, with the poor dog tied to a leash throughout most of the film… and when they got him a present, it was a "beautiful collar" ! 🤣

  9. Good story too bad about the god bs

  10. What a true story of this young man experience and it was rather difficult but I love how he was brave and forth to the end.
    I was so thankful to the reverent who helped him, and all the soldiers who worked with him,
    I was so happy when he found true forgiveness to forgive those evil slaves master and to go with his life helping others to be free,
    Only when Jesus comes back and we get to heaven there will be no more hate.
    We are all Gods children and he wants us to love one another.
    I truly enjoyed watching this movie.

  11. Sadly to this very day man still can't sort out his differences without killing & taking the lives of innocent people. 😢

  12. Very moving!!!! War is hell but unfortunately it's big business however there stories like this that come out of many wars. God moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

  13. Great movie which I certainly enjoyed watching 🤠

  14. This is the past that the Republicans Party now want to call ‘involuntary relocation’. We can never learn from the mistakes of the past until we FACE that dark history head on and teach our children the truth of what it was. Then, and only then can we move forward into a better world.

  15. This could of been a good movie if they could act

  16. If these movies are available for everyone to see, why does racism still exist? Doesn't everyone see the injustice that these folks were put through? These movies should be shown in history class beginning in Junior High School. This nation is old, but we have learned very little. May God have mercy on all of us…

  17. Such a great movie. History fact. Thank you Jesus

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