1. If your still watching this in 2022 your a legend fr😎

  2. this movie is hillarious but it is terrible. the plot, the jokes, the overexcessive reference to pop culture. it's a weird premise and it did deserve its rassies awards.

  3. Your girl looks familiar with 25 minutes you know what I mean 1:04:24

  4. Damn… shame the quality is so bad
    I guess this was uploaded when phones had 2 inch screens

  5. I feel like I'm in a fever dream while watching this

  6. I cannot believe am Mbaiting on Kim Kardashian on this movie faccck Kanye must gonna proud on me on that hahahahah😅🤣

  7. This is so horrifying that I would rather watch the emoji movie than this trash. This literally breaks every morality. Making everyone look like all the cultural characters decided to take on the job as discord mods and took alcohol and drugs as well. Absolute crap. 0/10

  8. Giselle and the chipmunks are by far the highlight of this movie.

  9. 1:04:45
    Better fight choreography than Disney Star Wars

  10. This is a terrible movie! I really hate this! This is just plague dust.

  11. That movie should get 26 Oscars and 7 oranges

  12. Brilliant movie, funny as! Laughed so hard I almost piddled myself lol!😏😂🤣😂


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