«DETECTIVE» Full Movie // Mystery, Crime Drama // Tom Berenger, Cybill Shepherd

Crime drama based on the bestseller by Arthur Hailey, starring Tom Berenger as Detective Sergeant Malcolm Ainslie, a Catholic priest turned police investigator. When Ainslie agrees to hear the confession of a convicted serial killer due to be put to death within a few hours, a serpentine trail into the pasts of both men begins to unfold.

Detective – Crime, Drama, Mystery

Tom Berenger, Annabeth Gish, Cybill Shepherd, Rick Gomez, Frank Whaley

USA – 2005


  1. So much affirmative action in this movie.

  2. 2005. MGM, Hallmark Entertainment, Larry Levinson.

  3. Looks interesting, very interesting. Excellent, truly excellent.

  4. I think the first movie that I saw Tom Berenger in was Eddie And The Cruisers. Watched about every movie he has been in since. Great actor!

  5. great movie nice twist too

  6. Loud detective movies one of my favorite type of movies to watch like to help solve the crime🥸🥸🥸🥸

  7. nice movie. worth watching.

  8. Tom Berenger was fantastic. Some of the other actors were just very average actors.. especially the 2 lead females.

  9. Good movie! Keep me on edge until the very end. Really enjoyed it.

  10. I found the ending unrealistic and crappy.

  11. 🤨🤓😜🤨🧐🥸🤩😏

  12. If you start with solid writing (Arthur Haley) you are on the way …

  13. The only really cheeky thing l see is the parents of this child would have been better cast as his grandparents. I mean they were 56 and 55 and looked every day of it, looked phoney as parents.

  14. Love it. Twisted ending. Good murder mystery. The system is broken. The law allows teenager or under 18y 2 commit murder then couldnt put in criminal record, sealed record. Start by killing animal first then experiment wit people , next become a serial killer. Scary 2 c fanatic & narcist people, or controlled by parent. Live in their own world, justify their action, take matter into their own hands. What could be better than detective covers up murder & copy serial killer' s crime?

  15. OUTSTANDING!!!! Cybil Sheppard!!! I love her….i am glad she still gets some acting jobs….why is it ancient ageing men get roles where women actors have their careers die soooo soon sooo young! RAH RAH!!!! Cybil Sheppard. Thanks for downloading this hopefully continuing series.

  16. Good movie. I chose this movie because oc the excellent cast.

  17. very interesting movie
    Loved it👌

  18. Good movie…
    Good twists…
    But it would have been better
    If the daughter didn't flash the evil faces…

  19. Excellent movie! Thank you for sharing it.

  20. I read this novel a fell in love with it and wanted to see movie thanx who ever uploaded this mivie

  21. Even if California still had an Active Death Penalty, there is NO WAY that they would execute a Serial Murderer only 2 yrs after the Sentencing!

  22. Just. A. Walk. And. Talk. Show.

  23. Good movie a bit too predictable towards the last 45 minutes but worthwhile good cast

  24. Wooooow, I figured it was a womem doing the killing; but not the cop. I thought it was the killers mom. What a good movie!!!👍

  25. this piece of crap!! too damn long. i gave up at the two hour point and i could care less who frickin did it

  26. Excellent!! Thanks so much for sharing 🌹🌹

  27. Dont know when this was made but poor old Tom is looking a bit old and past it.

  28. BORRRRING…talk about a drag…YAWN

  29. Great movie…full of suspense

  30. I loved the novel by Arthur Hailey. The movie is a nice construct of the novel.. Thank you for the upload..

  31. Though the duration of the movie is double than those of it's genre it's still an edge of the seat movie !

  32. just wondering why Cybill Shepherd wasn't mentioned in the credits ?

  33. This film is so dumb,so bad it's unbelievable

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