Deep Blue Something – Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Official Music Video)

Deep Blue Something “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” official music video from the album ‘Home’.

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Music video by Deep Blue Something performing Breakfast At Tiffany’s. (C) 1995 Interscope Records


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  1. These guys were like: "Hey I'm eating breakfast ova' here!"

  2. Still Cool in my book . I hope you have a Great day Friends . 🙏🏻

  3. Incredible song. Got into it again. Remembering the crazy 90's girlfriends and the monotonous working hrs while travelling to a job that could be done by outsourcong to India or by an algorithym.

  4. Didn't know Obi Wan Kenobi was a singer during his younger days

  5. Better days my friend….. better days…

  6. Great song and movie if you are interested in being in love..

  7. I adore this song, it's melody lifts me up but it's lyrics push me down. When you try to save your relationship by negotiating, you already know there is no future for you and her. Yet you still try…

  8. I love this song!
    I hope they got stayed/got back together.

  9. Ma che cazzo…. Non ci sta' nemmeno un italiano?

  10. Hilarious, catchy, feel-good song

  11. 💯💭🖕🔥🌵🎉😢🎊

  12. This song describes every date I've ever been on. Girl doesn't care, I keep asking what she likes, eventually I mention a movie or song she likes and then, I say to myself "well that's one thing we got in common".

  13. Does anybody knows if it was a one hit wonder for this band? I miss the 90’s!!!

  14. The clothes and camera quality are always so nostalgic, I remember watching shows that aired in the 90's with my mom when I was little

  15. If this song was written today it would be about snorting out your nose slightly with your girlfriend because you both thought the same Tik Tok was funny, yet you find each other cringe.

  16. You know… I never knew the name of the group that made this song until now.

  17. I'm just here admiring the videography

  18. Ein Leben lang gerne gehört bis heute

  19. There's just something about Todd Pipes in this video! What a looker he was.

  20. Stumbled on this song from a watchmojo video almost 9 years ago.
    So much has changed in all those years.
    Miss those W days

  21. Every time I hear this I feel like a kid again and I'm 33

  22. One of the most British sounding American bands

  23. It is about a first conversation between two young students who had just started sharing a house who had very different views from each other and who went on to have a complicated relationship that seems to have spanned decades.

  24. Tint of Scottish in there voices. Ahhh the 90s glad I grew up in the 90s well born in 85. Yeah 🤣

  25. Just watched the movie tonight for the millionth time. This song is what introduced me to classic films. I had this album when it came out. Still one of my favorites!

  26. Take me back to the 90s. The happiest time of my life.

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