Dead Weight | Full Survival Thriller Movie

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Dead Weight – A woman finds herself lost in the desert with an impaled leg, amnesia, and a strange bag she can’t let go of. As she finds her way out, the items in the bag – and a meeting with a Baby Shaman – help her remember and confront memories she may have killed her brother.

Stars: Anna Maganini, Nigel Vonas, Alaska Renee

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  1. Very odd movie but had me hooked from the beginning. Can seem slow if you're looking for the classic thriller. This was a psychological & complex movie. I like it.

  2. Walk with that stick in legs is your way to survive?wasting off time..stupid movie


    An incredibly tedious movie. It's all a dream. We never find out exactly what happened. It reeks so heavily of symbolism that there is essentially no story.

  4. I just had both total knee replacement surgeries done in the past three months and I know there is no way she would be able to bend that knee with an inch and a half wide branch sticking through the leg, or be able to walk for that matter, even if she had a busket load of Oxycodone and Tramadol pills on her. .(most of my pain is subsided as of late and all I need is Darnitall pills to get by now.)

  5. Excellent New concept Survival movie।।

  6. How could she walk with ‘that’ injury! Strange but different movie.

  7. Absolutely brilliant acting 👏 Thank you so much for sharing this 😀

  8. Quite a movie. Great acting. Thank you!

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  10. Ten minutes in and that stick is still stuck in her leg!!!! Ugh!

  11. That was one weird movie

  12. your movies are helping me to improve my English .

  13. The movie is very complicated. Those who watch it for enjoyment, feel it a waste of time. It is the inner world of illusions, a person lives within when faced with adverse conditions. Happiness then, is found in trivial things and actions.

  14. I hope the acting is good

  15. Wow what an unexpected treat. Twisty!

  16. wll this movie ever end"?

  17. It's a good movie, thanks 🤗🙏

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