Daughter – Full Horror Movie

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Daughter – Full Horror Movie

Sharon is a psychiatrist, whose normally well behaved daughter, Jenny, begins exhibiting unusual behaviours. While people begin to believe Jenny has become mentally ill, Sharon feels there is something more sinister taking over her daughter.

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  1. I saw 666 comments n mine is 667😩

  2. This movie was fantastic I absolutely
    Truthfully really enjoyed this movie.
    People should really believe that ther
    Is true evil out there.it’s just lot people
    Don’t want to believe it can&does
    Happen to many people not just 1 person.thank you so much for putting
    This movie on.

  3. People got paid to make this. There's hope for all.

  4. i dont like the ending after so much sacrifices ot the mother we are ALWAYS SAVED BY GOD

  5. By far the most honest possession film ever… god Does not exist when will people realize that???

  6. poor neighbour couple😔😔😔they just want to help

  7. I absolutely love this movie. First time watching I kind of had a hard time following it or understanding. After watching it multiple times I just ended up really favoring this movie. Well worth watching folks.

  8. Haven’t watched yet… is this a horror movie or something take? So many comments saying it’s sad and touching but nothing about horror?

  9. it would have been better if they've only released the audiobook cuz they can't even afford the electricity bill, it seems commercials were even expensive than this lol…

  10. You would think the mother wouldn’t be so tough on her daughter especially when she treats a mother who lost her daughter. The mother seems like a snob and doesn’t care as long as she has money. Also why is the mother meeting up with a client (Miss Lyn), conflict of interest.

  11. Doesn't the voiceovers make the movie seem like a silly soap opera 🤣? Although I am enjoying the movie 👍

  12. This one trust me good I love it

  13. It was ok. You have to kind of fill in the blanks about some things though. Like did the daughter come back from Canada possessed? Why did she get possessed in the 1st place? She wasn't evil, she was just depressed. And 10 priests can't exorcise the demons outta you??? Oh well 6/10 😳

  14. The neighbors did nothing but got killed, the dude that impregnated her wasn't punished.. Okay, poor writing. Started off well but nah.

  15. So sad! All her daughter needed was love and attention from her mother

  16. 🙋High five guys, good movie!

  17. Watching from India and I love it…

  18. This movie it's a joke…i just watch it till she put her face on the cake…lol got enough of the movie crap!

  19. Hey i think there's a video in your ad


  21. Great story, decent acting… Loved this movie

  22. …. The evil took the both …. Very interesting movie

  23. Imagine someone coming up to you scaring you while watching you
    I'll probably die of how scared I was and then probably take control of that person and make them live a miserable life

  24. Watching here in philippines😊😘😘

  25. This movie goes against my believe because the name of Jesus has power over every Demon. Phil 2:9-11

  26. Do you have unholy. And demon warrior thailand movie

  27. Let see if i would get scared

  28. aw, no heads spinning around backward? they ripped off literally everything else from The Exorcist

  29. Di ko mainitindihan bkt sila pareho namatay , at may kapatid siya un ba ung sumasanib sa knia? Ano ginawa nung mother

  30. How are you all doing today. Good i hop..

  31. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭

  32. bugbog sarado sa ads kaasar

  33. God is weak

    Lucifer is becoming strong

  34. Ohk… So they died as foetuses right?? At the end .. they were like school going kids… How come🧐

  35. This movie wants to show that the name of Jesus doesn't have power over demons!? Well in real life, it has power over any type of demon. I thought ya'll should know

  36. Big fan from Cameron 🇨🇲

  37. Can sm1 plz share the back story of the girl who possessed the daughter?

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