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Dark Nemesis (The Dark Knight) – A group of desperate soldiers hatch a plan to steal a Warlord’s treasure and start a new life. Faced with the threat of a horrific death at the hands of the Warlord’s executioners, the men escape into a desolate and forbidden land known only as the Shadowlands. Now the men must flee from the Warlord’s vicious assassins whilst defending themselves from the terrifying creatures that inhabit the land.
2011. Stars: Kyle Walsh, Aaron Farb, Debra Lopez
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  1. The music soundtrack was brilliant. The storyline was very surprising toward the end which is no bad thing & the acting for a low budget flick was mostly quite good. I nearly moved on several times, but glad I stayed till the end. I started out thinking it was one thing only to discover the storyline took it to a very surprising new place & ending. I don't regret my time lost watching it now so thanks for sharing.

  2. The creators of this horrendous abomination should have their forehats removed from existence. This movie is a crime against humanity.

  3. What's up with that permanently scowling knockoff Shredder? Seriously, he looks like he's wearing the crappy Shredder costume from the Ninja Turtles concert

  4. The monsters look like they could be from an early 2000s video game lol

  5. medieval battle: begins
    some guy: pulls out modern pistol

  6. Wonderful Film! Thank You for Sharing!

  7. Mofo waking up to a hot. Chick I dont feel sorry for him

  8. Well I Wouldn't Normally Watch A Movie Like That But It Was Pretty Good Thanks👍

  9. An advertisement for Facebook. Really. Facebook is a Deep State data mining tool.
    When the government or authorities want someone, they just log on to Facebook. EVERYTHING is right there. Address, ph6, family, fr6, hobbies, hangouts, religious ideas, lunch spots, favorite movies, books, music, political views, everything.
    Ya basically tell the whole world everything.

  10. a modern binoculars on a fantasy movie..

  11. Funny first there was men in black now we have women in black 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. What’s with the white masks , this is the second movie with white masks ????

  13. What century this actually take place?

  14. Good film 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  15. I hate when they take their pistol but don't check them for more ammo. Little good it will be soon.

  16. It was a decent movie, the best part no ADDS. Wish I could give it more then one thumbs up.

  17. Need to have better lighting in the movie. Even the outdoor scenes were dark.

  18. This was supposed to be way back in history. How then did they have a pistol. A missle in a silo. Air Force warning keep out. No airplanes then. Crazy.

  19. Another movie with a $5,000 budget.

  20. Read the credits at the end … After it says no animals were harmed making the movie, it says "a raccoon was almost harmed." 😆🦝

  21. Una schifezza mega galattica!!!!

  22. Anyone knows what's name of the into music?

  23. So I'm a huge fan of d rated Sci-Fi movies but dear God this one oh man the acting is absolutely atrocious jumping to conclusions that make absolutely no sense what are your writers thinking ,people are running around in the woods with masks that don't fit , and you can't make something into a sci-fi movie just by making it a little bit foggy or blurry by using a crap camera

  24. This seems like a good movie , I might watch it.

  25. 💖🥰🌹great movie 🎥 🥰🌹🧐😎

  26. Its ok. i've seen better. I've certainly seen worse. it's an above average low budget movie. Worth watching.

  27. I am a better actor dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool.
    These actors sucked. This movie was horrible

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