Dan + Shay – I Should Probably Go To Bed (Official Music Video)


All of my friends
Finally convinced
Me to get out of the house
To help me forget
To help me move on
Then I heard you’re back in town

In a crowd of strangers and lovers
Someone told me that you were coming


I should probably go to bed
I should probably turn off my phone
I should quit while I’m ahead
I should probably leave you alone
‘Cause I know in the morning
I’ll be calling
Saying sorry for the things I said
So I should probably go to bed

So I don’t undo
The got over you
That it took so long to find
‘Cause all it would take
Is seeing your face
And I’d forget

Before I question my decision
Is it love, I know it isn’t
Now I’m all up in my head again
‘Cause I know I don’t

Have the self control
To walk away if you walk in
I know I should probably go to bed
I’m all up in my head, I should go to bed


  1. honestly i’ve never heard a bad song by them and that’s on straight facts 💛

  2. How do you make your house float it’s really cool I want my house to float come out animal club🦒 it’s a giraffe

  3. I like the rip and I really want to make a song like that because I have my own channel you’re a good rapper I think you’re a rapper but I will give them a scribe button and hit the bell because it’s really cool and I think you should keep making songs don’t let people tell you what to do you follow your drinks what do you feel in your heart🦄

  4. Love love dis song may 2021

  5. I love there songs so much

  6. I hope they ain’t callin this country

  7. I stayed up til (currently) 5:25 watching music videos imagining I was a major songwriter. It went from P!nk to Dan and Shay, and if I had no shame would wrap all the way around the radio haha. I should probably go to bed

  8. I tell my brain that every damn night…


  9. Cuando esta tocando el piano, parece la misma temática de la canción Falling de Harry Styles 🥴

  10. im glad that i know where this was all shot i couldve met u guys

  11. How the heck is this even considered a country song?

  12. Only 19 mil views? How?

  13. Now I've understood why youtube recommended this song to me

  14. me: wondering why the town below the floating house looks like the town from wanda vision
    my brain: you're an idiot stop thinking about random useless things, you're waisting my time
    me: ok but it still looks like the town from wanda vision…..
    my brain: i'm leaving now

  15. Jason mars + day and shay ultra positive song

  16. Shit.. I guess I should go to bed.

  17. omg i love this song! I also like when the house is floating, great song! 😀 ʕ ゚ ● ゚ʔ

  18. Goosebumps all over and feeling every word.

  19. I fucking love this song I never seen the music video till now And it has nothing to do with the lyrics lol.

  20. I wanna hear a full song like how he sings at 2:00

  21. Almost 1 year and I'm just now discovering that this is not the rascal Flatts

  22. Literally the WORST "country" duo of all time

  23. I usually don't like country but I don't feel like this is really country. I feel like a lot of todays new country should be under pop country, because in my opinion a country voice does not make it country. I fell it should be about the style and instruments. Anyways its just my opinion>

  24. Love this song I played every night and I think it a couple times with you not the good as you are but I really love it thank you

  25. This is an awful song, why make a song saying I should probably go to bed? Just go to bed don’t make a song about it! How did y’all when best duo of the year over brooks and Dunn?

  26. What happened to country music and real men smh 🤦‍♂️

  27. i thought this was from Bruno mars

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