Daddy’s Lover 2020 #FULL Based On True Story – New Lifetime Movies 2020

Daddy’s Lover 2020 #FULL Based On True Story – New Lifetime Movies 2020


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  1. Did Yvonne Zima attend the same acting school
    as Tori Spelling?

  2. Not even movie it says it is .

  3. Is this the first day some of you have ever been on youtube? Jesus, its a free movie, stop whining about the title.

    The uploaders have to change shit up in order to avoid having their video taken down due to copywrite infringment. So they put the wrong name (but 9/10 the actual title is shown in some way during the movie).

    They make a few glitches in the movie, again to keep from infringing on copywrites.

    "Based on a true story" does not mean its a true story. Lifetime likes to use that to get people really interested. It doesnt mean any of it happened, it means something that truly happened inspired the story to be written.

    All of this has been posted ad nauseam on each and every lifetime movie on youtube, but the exact same questions get asked about 50 times on every video.

  4. 👍🏻📽
    No can swim wear life gear in boat n know ya rellies 👹 b/c they could be out to get ya
    Enjoy the movie🥂🍾🍕🍕🍕
    Thanks sharing 🌻🌷🌻🌷

  5. tonight is my prom. the nail tech looked at her like seriously. you have got to be kidding me.

  6. The husband doesn't look sad for loosing his wife

  7. Will she is. A great person

  8. lol she spent the full movie speaking to herself.

  9. What did she tell anybody? The ride out her to sleep?

  10. 👌බැල්ලිගෙ පුතා සජිත්ගේ අමන හිතන්නේ❤️⤵️
    #TRENDING_T0P 2021

    All subtitles

    在 整個 人類 歷史 上 , 強者 , 富人 和 具有 狡猾 特質 的 人 捕食 部落 , 氏族 , 城鎮 , 城市 和 鄉村 中 的 弱者 , 無 “ '守 和 貧窮 成員。 然而 , 人類 的

    生存 意願 迫使 那些 被 拒絕 , 被 剝奪 或 摧毀 的 基本 需求 的 人們 找到 了 一種 生活方式 , 並 繼續 將 其 A 融入 不斷 發展 的 人類 社會。

    說到 食物 , 不要 以為 那些 被 拒絕 的 人 只吃 垃圾。 相反 , 他們 學會 了 在 被 忽視 的 肉類 和 蔬菜 中 尋找 營養。 他們 學會 了 清潔 , 切塊 , 調味 和

    慢 燉 慢 燉 的 野菜 和 肉類 , 在 食品 市場 上 被 忽略 的 部分 家用 蔬菜 和 肉類 , 並且 學會 了 使用 芳香 的 木 煙 (如 山核桃 , 山核桃 和 豆科 灌木) 來 調味 食物 煮 的 時候

  11. She always play the crazy one

  12. People need too start labeling this videos correctly.

  13. I love this movie I wish I was in this movie as well I would surely won't be an vergine same way as now I'm 17 an I'm from Kingston Jamaica also my name is Renaldo Bentley ok

  14. She is crazy as hell ….. But I'm happy for the family .

  15. Why is the picture so gloomy?

  16. Sienna is coo coo…walking around and talking to herself out loud in public…anywhere🤣😂🤣😂

  17. That's terrifying…she's really scary. Poor original wife. Ginger's a cruel witch.Though one should never go out on a boat if you don't know how to swim.

  18. i think a dr would know if he was drugged lol

  19. Insane woman, she's good with her role.

  20. when she comes back to shore to tell people that her cousin drown, wouldn't people ask, "Why didn't you try to save her?" Then what would she say?

  21. overboard murder similar to the movie Leave Her To Heaven, which is an excellent thriller starring Jean Tierney.

  22. Girls got a screw loose dang!!

  23. No, people like this born psychotic.

  24. Worst film ever, poor acting, cheaply made film, awful.

  25. Hilarious how she narrate every single second of her life…

  26. She weird looking but she play her part so well 😂

  27. 💞💞💞💞💞👍👍👍

  28. Its a great movie!! BUT it skips ALOT and skips parts of the movie TO MUCH ….

  29. uhm- what do u mean BASED ON A TRUE STORY

  30. I can’t stand this woman’s voice

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