Curse Of The Dragon – Full Fantasy Movie

Curse Of The Dragon – Full Fantasy Movie

A brave knight returns to his homeland to find a powerful dragon terrorizing his village. After many unsuccessful attempts to defeat the monster, he makes a sword which has magical powers that should do the trick.

With a storyline right out of Dungeons & Dragons, this dark fantasy of elves, orcs, and dragons is the perfect thing to fill your LOTR void.


  1. uhh so what about the fact your brother just died and you arent sad -_-

  2. This needs to be on RLM's Best of the Worst. I already can hear Rich Evans laughing.

  3. "You have got to be kidding me"
    🥵Damn my heart was beating so fast

  4. The title for this 2011 TV movie according to IMDB is "Jabberwock." The lesson revealed at the end: "Check your work." (Doing so will help prevent future attacks on the village. Also, if the sound department had checked their own work, they might have noticed that the music track was too loud.)

  5. 20 publicités c'est trop pour moi, désolé je m'abonne pas et je regarde pas

  6. The fact they can't call it a "dragon" because it's a non-existent terminology either makes it ridiculous or they're just flat out idiots!
    Especially, when they're using terms suck as swords and shields and talk about mythical creatures, etc.,
    Kinda reminds me of that 70's show "Land of the Lost" where everything about is slow like the acting, the lines, the movement, the speeches, the arguments, the sword fight, etc.
    It's frustrating because we, the viewers, have more common sense than the actors in the movie.
    And the guys/gals are really, really trying their best to act out their parts as if their lives depended on it but it just comes across as a high school summer production.
    Their favorite line is "…but make no mistake…" As in;
    "Next time make no mistake the jabberurcrotch will be the least of ur problems." OR
    "It'll take both of us to kill the jabbermacallit but make no mistake I'm gonna wear the armor." OR
    "You can marry the princess but make no mistake I'm sleeping with her first." OR
    "I may be a fat phuck but make no mistake, I can outrun your sorry arse when that jabbermahniggah comes after us." OR
    "My love you must leave town now to save our little rugrats but make no mistake if I survive the jabberbeeotch I will take me another wife and sacrifice your mother for the Gawds."

  7. This movie is so nice and fun to wacht

  8. Хей. Комент ду ю спик рашен?

  9. Terjemahan nya besar terlalu atas juga penempatan teks nya

  10. The title of this movie is Jabberwock and not curse of the dragon

  11. In the end you realize that it comes for you! 😧

  12. Katanya sublite tapi kok download nya ga ada tulisanya

  13. You have got to be kidding me😏😏😏 that sentence left me wanting more👌👌👌

  14. wow it looks good really good, i like it dont stop the good work

  15. Found a way by accident to remove all the adds in one go. Takes 1 second and magically no adds. Love it!

  16. Who the hell is the guy who quotes Lewis Carol's "the Jabberwocky" and yet does nothing useful, does not seem to be part of the community except tell people to go back inside and then disappears, especially when the rest are fighting or going out to kill the beast. Dumbest movie I watched for a long time. Oh, half the time the music overwhelms the dialogue…smooth move director. However I did watch till the 3/4 mark and found it exceeded my expectations, which were extremely low anyway. Beware the Jabberwock my son…..again seriously, don't bother watching this movie.

  17. The author of the screen play must have been an experienced dragon-fighter.)) He made his characters undertake unbelievably stupid steps, like climbing to the dragon nest, trying to hurt the red book animal with those flimsy swords and arrows suitable only for pig-sticking)). Don't waste your time for this stupid film, inadequate even by children's cinema standards

  18. Oh my god
    Got a baby dragon have part 2 also have father

  19. "You've got to be kidding me."

  20. too many Ads. 13 minutes in and already 5 Ads.

  21. Too much commercials every min… Sorry im out. Thanks for upload

  22. Amazing, super film

  23. I guess all dragons aren’t fire breathing 🧐

  24. The writing was good. Except I don't know why they're not just calling it a dragon. The actors did a great job the scenes were good. They did a really great job on building the set. It had a really good plot. Really the only complaint I have is the head of the dragon was ridiculous Besides that it was a pretty good movie.

  25. Really. adverts less than 10 seconds into the film?

  26. This movie seems kinda scary at first at the beginning

  27. Advert after advert after advert after advert after advert after advert after advert

  28. y does my video get deleted and not yours

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