CueStack – Monster (Official Music Video)

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CueStack – Monster (Official Music Video)
Music by CueStack – Bernth Brodträger & Martin Kames
Copyright – CueStack 2021
Mixed by Daniel Fellner
Video directed, filmed & edited by Philipp Hirsch, Bernth Brodträger & Martin Kames.

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Verse 1:
Impaired control when addiction arises
Manic highs come in all shapes and sizes
Compulsive comedowns and excessive desire
A life of serving the power to get higher

Behind these eyes dwell thoughts of bipolarity
Limbs are bending and convulsing so violently
A thrilling rush within this reproductive ritual
Without a care for the exploited individual

Craving a bottomless pit, an epiphany, whatever keeps me alive with ability
To feast on pleasures that make life worth living, destroying and taking but never ever giving back
I am the monster you created
A hunger never satiated

Pre Chorus:

You twist my thoughts around
Run me into the ground
This is who you are (The monster)
The voice inside my head
The monster that I dread
What have I become?

Verse 2:
A lack of attachment, hatred for stability
No need for affection, just passionate hostility
In a dangerous game of control
That threatens to swallow you whole
As pressure is taking it’s toll
An invasive path unfolds

A thirst that grows exponentially for what I see in you, what you can do to please my
appetite – the longing for something that’s more than routines of activities copied in meaningless ways – I’m no longer the one who stays, waiting to leave – running out of things – that I believe in – emptiness will always lead to sin

Staring into an abyss of a soul, a black hole drawing in the beginning of my end, a
personal hell that I dwell in and can’t ever leave, I’m deceived into staying until I am
breaking down when there’s no one around to tend to these wounds all I see is your goddamn frown staring back at me with no intention of letting me be who I am

I come undone – I can’t outrun
The end of life that’s just begun

#cuestack #diagnosishuman


  1. New album 'Diagnosis:Human' OUT NOW! Get your copy here:
    CueStack will DONATE all profits to the fundraiser #AlarmstufeRot!

  2. I've listened to over 100 new bands that's came out in last 3 years, and this band is by far the most original..

  3. Hello, i really like your music so far, just been curious if you'd add lyrics to the 'gynoid' song on spotify because i dont seem to be able to find any


  5. incredible, will be checking out more of CueStack's stuff.

  6. A la bestia, así me veo con el cabo entonces!!!

  7. Wow .. how the fuck does this crap auto on from classic metal and music.

  8. Good music,
    And good Dog
    These dogs are good actors👋👋👋🤘😎

  9. Chihuahuas rock!!!!! Awesome music!! First time I listen you!!!

  10. Came here for the Hoff. Stayed for the great jams. Good stuff!

  11. Thanks for sharing. The lyrics are awesome. Speaking from my soul…

  12. Awesome Track – I love those sinister vibes 🤘

  13. the hounds of hell have come i see!
    chirp chirp! they scream 😱

  14. You can see perfection in this video🤘🔥

  15. So much truth…………. that some will never understand.
    Greetings from Navajo tribe 🇺🇸.
    Always appreciate your music.

  16. I miss music videos and real mtv. Lol the dogs 😁. Cool stuff man.

  17. I'm down for some NewStack

  18. I’ve been waiting for more music for a while

  19. Also don't mind two badasses walking with their Chihuahuas

  20. The dog imagery reminded me of the film "The Plague Dogs"

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