Confined – Full Movie

Starring: Emma Caulfield (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) & David James Elliott (“JAG”)

Architect Victoria Peyton looks out from the window of her new home office towards her neighbor’s house, and is shocked to see the word ‘Help’ written on the basement window. Rushing over to investigate, she meets Fritz Allen, a lovable grandpa type, who seems to be hiding something under his crocodile smile. When she looks again, the word ‘Help’ is no longer there. Did she imagine it?


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  1. I've seen the animated movie with the girl and her weapon..The Pot🤣..but this twisted old man with his weapon The Shovel thou😠…Next time that husband should listen to his wife

  2. 2022: A synopsis of Film would be enhanced by the word as it needs and requires definition: Confined, sequestered, quarantined, Cloistered, isolated, entrapment, etc(?)
    Piano-Music we believe is outstanding… !

  3. This neighbour Fritz is total maniac…great movie though!

  4. Technically, it's a great movie. But the story itself is full of holes. She sees him the first night across the street, suddenly there's a house next door. Then that HELP sign couldn't be written by her daughter because she was in solitary confinement, so in the end the husband chains his own wife up…!? And this guy breaks his phone, but it works like a new one. Come on, please. Pozz from Zagreb, Croatia!! 🌬️🌀🌌🙏🏻

  5. When I see all these comments it seems to me like a therapy session where everyone who has seen the film throws out their fears, hopes or expectations. But people need to be aware that these are just emotions that are provoked by a certain vision of how much injustice there is and those who close their eyes when they see it.. Films like this take a lot of pain, suffering and fear out of people because they rely only on the perception of the senses that is limited only to the material world.. Many have forgotten to fantasize, and yet it is enough to stop whole inner monologue in one second.. willingly with a lot of carefreeness how precise and clear the attention is.. Thanks for the movie!! Pozz from Zagreb, Croatia!! 🌬️🌀🌌🙏🏻

  6. My review is another great movie because there is a story, and a lesson to learn, be observant of your surroundings in the neighborhood.

  7. Me,I always read comment before watching.

  8. Really bullshit in this movie , whole films are irrelevant, how old man can be stronger vs 3 people

  9. How could one stay together with that horrible man of distrust, afterall this?!

  10. Bad casting..the daughter is look older than her mom…a lousy movie….

  11. My question is they just moved in the house and when her daughter got there she asked if there was any food yet and he replied no that he'd order a pizza though well that was the night before they woke up and how was she gonna make them breakfast if there was no food yet and how did they make stuff to eat when they never went shopping for any food yet

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